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Chapter 10

Quiz by sheila

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7 questions
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  • Q1
    Which is an example of democratic leadership?
    Will, the charge nurse, directs others during an emergency situation without asking for input or feedback
    The manager explains new rules for staff scheduling, and then asks for a vote on how to implement them.
    The nurse manager asks advice from her staff nurse friends as she determines the unit holiday schedule.
    The charge nurse does not address staff nurses’ failure to follow unit policies and procedures.
  • Q2
    When managing your time during your shift, what should you do first?
    Create a time schedule
    Delegate tasks.
    Make patient rounds
    Set priorities
  • Q3
    The nurse manager is selecting the next nurse she wants to promote to the charge nurse position. Which candidate would be the best choice?
    A young new graduate with a bubbly personality who gets along with everyone
    An experienced nurse of 20 years with a sarcastic disposition, who knows the unit better than anyone
    A traveling nurse who often ignores provider orders that are different from what he thinks is best for the patient
    A recent graduate, out of school for 9 months, who is articulate and highly organized and once held leadership positions in another field
  • Q4
    One risk management technique that is known to often be effective is to:
    Assign the same nurse to care for the patient all week.
    Tell the patient the physician knows best.
    Call family members by their given names.
    Listen empathetically to complaints or concerns.
  • Q5
    Orders are verified and signed off by:
    The licensed nurse.
    The physician.
    The unit secretary.
    The nursing supervisor.
  • Q6
    When transferring a patient to another facility, copies of pertinent medical records:
    Are the responsibility of the family to deliver.
    Must be faxed to the facility or must accompany the patient.
    Must be delivered by hospital messenger because they are confidential.
    Are mailed at the time of transfer.
  • Q7
    If a patient wants to leave AMA, the nurse:
    States that security people will prevent his leaving.
    Detains him until the primary care provider can speak with him.
    Immediately calls the nursing supervisor to speak to the patient.
    Explains that insurance may not pay his bill if he leaves

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