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Chapter 10: Jake Drake Know it All -Teamwork

Quiz by Melissa Mobley

Grade 3
English Language Arts
Common Core

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16 questions
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  • Q1
    How many heads are better than one?
  • Q2
    " ...but I hadn't a guess about it yet. In the scientific method, that's called the hypothesis." What is a hypothesis?
    an educated guess
    a result
    an observation
    trial and error
  • Q3
    What hypothesis did Willie come up with?
    More electricity makes an electromagnet weaker than more wire...
    More electricity makes an electromagnet stronger than more wire...
    less electricity makes an electromagnet weaker than more wire...
    Less electricity makes an electromagnet stronger than more wire...
  • Q4
    How many ways did they try winding the wire on the nail?
  • Q5
    Why did Willie say to double the blue wire to 300 feet?
    To see if more wire makes a weaker magnet
    To see if more wire makes weaker electricity
    To see if more wire makes stronger electricity
    To see if more wire makes a stronger magnet
  • Q6
    If Jake had to do all of this work by myself, how would he feel?
  • Q7
    What did Jake and Willie eat for lunch?
    wings and fries
    hot dogs and chips
    chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese sandwiches
    hamburgers and fries
  • Q8
    Where were mom and Abbey? What were they doing?
    the spa , relaxing
    the mall, returning a sweater
    the store, buying groceries
    the mall, buying a dress for school
  • Q9
    What did dad say that he could figure out how to do?
    make the judges choose Jake's project
    find other magnet like items
    make the nail spin around
    complete Jake's project without the judges finding out
  • Q10
    Why did Jake feel sorry for his dad?
    His dad didn't have any friends and wanted to hang out with Jake and Willie.
    He knew his dad was too old to compete in the science fair.
    He knew his dad really wanted to help him with the project.
    His dad had a lot of ideas but it was too late to use them.
  • Q11
    How did Jake include his father into his project?
    He let him finish the project for them.
    He told his father to take notes while they do the work.
    He asked his father to judge what they had done on their projects so far.
    He asked him to look at nails once they were done winding them around the nails.
  • Q12
    According to the rules, "If anything might be dangerous, then what needs to happen?
    have a fire extinguisher nearby
    run away from the danger
    call 911
    an adult should be present.
  • Q13
    After hooking up wires to the magnet, what did they need to do next?
    find something made of iron and steel
    write down the results of what will happen next
    have a snack
    take a break
  • Q14
    What items did they find that was made up of iron and steel?
    an iron and an ironing board
    tuna cans and soup cans
    hammer & nails
    pole & plate
  • Q15
    What made doing the project fun?
    It was very easy to do.
    He had Willie do everything while he went outside to play.
    The whole family helped.
    Willie was cracking jokes, making faces, and coming up with good ideas.

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