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Chapter 10 Review

Quiz by Gail Pirics

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28 questions
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  • Q1
    What problem occurred during the Election of 1800 that caused the Twelfth Amendment to be written?
    Some states' ballots were not counted.
    A war interfered with people's ability to vote.
    The Electoral College could not agree on who won the presidency.
    Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr tied for the presidency.
  • Q2
    What was the purpose of the Twelfth Amendment?
    to set presidential term limits
    to repeal the Alien and Sedition Acts
    to create a separate ballot for President and Vice-president
    to give the House of Representatives power to choose the President
  • Q3
    Which of these was one of Jefferson's beliefs as President?
    increasing the national debt
    increasing military spending
    denying states' rights
    protecting civil liberties
  • Q4
    Which of Hamilton's policies did Jefferson disagree with but keep?
    the Alien and Sedition Acts
    the Military Branch
    the Whiskey Tax
    the Federal Bank
  • Q5
    What do we call the power of the Supreme Court to declare an act of Congress unconstitutional?
    judicial power
    judicial review
    judicial rule
    judicial justice
  • Q6
    Marbury v Madison established whose power in government?
    the House of Representatives'
    the President's
    the Supreme Court's
  • Q7
    Put these countries in the order in which they controlled the Louisiana Territory.
    Britain, France, the United States
    France, Spain, Britain
    France, Spain, the United States
    Spain, France, United States
  • Q8
    Why did Spain trade the Louisiana Territory to France?
    Spain was tired of American settlers crossing onto the land.
    Spain wanted to focus on building international trade.
    Spain wanted to trade for land in Europe.
    Spain was tired of Native Americans attacking their settlements.
  • Q9
    Why was the Louisiana Purchase significant for America?
    It doubled the country's size.
    It stopped Britain's control in North America.
    It took control from Spain in North America.
    It built an alliance between the US and Spain.
  • Q10
    Why did Napoleon sell Louisiana Territory to Jefferson?
    He needed money for a bigger navy.
    He needed money for war with Britain.
    He needed money to retake control of Haiti.
    He needed money for war with France.
  • Q11
    Which was NOT a reason for Lewis and Clark's exploration of the Louisiana Territory?
    to explore and map the South and West
    to establish friendship with the Native Americans
    to find a Northwest Passage
    to learn about and document plants and animals
  • Q12
    Why did Sacagawea travel with Lewis and Clark?
    to identify edible plants and foods
    to navigate the canoes through rough waters
    to lead the horses through the mountains
    to cook and care for the Corps of Discovery
  • Q13
    Which did Lewis and Clark NOT accomplish on their expedition?
    They did not find a Northwest Passage.
    They did not map the Louisiana Territory.
    They did not meet any Native Americans.
    They did not document the plants and animals in the West.
  • Q14
    What was the purpose of Jefferson's Embargo Act?
    to ban imports and exports from American ports
    to take land from the Native Americans
    to improve the US economy
    to allow US merchant ships more trading opportunities
  • Q15
    Why was the Embargo Act a failure?
    It hurt US merchants and had little effect on France and Britain.
    It increased US exports but decrease its imports.
    It did not do enough to limit trade with Europe.
    It ruined Spain's economy.

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