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Chapter 10 Review

Quiz by Samantha Lynch

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6 questions
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  • Q1
    Which of the following is not an example of the tragedy of commons?
    automobile congestion in Yellowstone National Park
    depletion of soil minerals by farmers on private land
    overgrazing by sheep on community-owned pastures
    depletion of fish stocks in international waters
  • Q2
    For many years forest fires were suppressed to protect lives and property. This policy has led to...
    a buildup of dead biomass that can fuel larger fires
    soil erosion
    increased solar radiation
    economic instability
  • Q3
    Which of the following is not an environmental consequence of clear-cutting?
    increased soil erosion and sedimentation in nearby streams
    decreased tree species diversity due to the loss of shade-tolerant species
    increased fish populations due to an influx of nutrients
    decreased biodiversity due to habitat fragmentation
  • Q4
    The tragedy of the commons can be prevented by...
    fisheries in international waters
    use of public land for grazing
    use of harvest permits
  • Q5
    All of the following are negative externalities EXCEPT…
    Damage to crops from automobile exhaust
    Illnesses related to living next to a manufacturing facility
    Noise associated with living near an airport
    Bees pollinating vegetables and making honey
  • Q6
    What is on disadvantage of National Parks?
    Indigenous people are evicted from their home
    Only specific people are allowed to enter
    They are expensive
    There is a lot of noise pollution

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