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Chapter 10.1-10.2 test

Quiz by Cam McLaughlin

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25 questions
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  • Q1

    Which prejudicial idea causes Alfred Dreyfus to be accused of treason?





  • Q2

    Theodor Hertzel is _______________________

    First Convict to be granted land in Australia 

    The Founder of Zionism 

    Irish Catholic who was elected to Parliament in 1829

    Arrested by New Zealand police for helping women vote in 1894

  • Q3

    The Easter Rebellion of 1916 was ______________________

    conducted by Maori warriors in support of their land rights

    conducted by Irish nationalists who wanted to remain with the UK

    conducted by French Canadians who wanted create a French homeland

    conducted by Irish nationalists who were tired of waiting on home rule 

  • Q4

    Emmeline Pankhurst was the founder of which women's suffrage group? 

    Women's Temperance Union 

    Women's Social and Political Union  

    Women's Suffrage and Politeness Union 

    Women's Schooling and Progress Union 

  • Q5

    The movement to create a homeland for Jews in Palestine was known as ____________________





  • Q6

    Ireland gains ______________________ Britain in 1949


    New voting districts

    Home Rule 

    A penal colony 

  • Q7

    The overcrowding of English prisons led to ________________________________

    The creation of a penal colony in Australia 

    The annexation of New Zealand

    The annexation of Ireland

    The summary execution of Irish nationalists

  • Q8

    New Zealand grows at a slower pace than Australia because _____________________

    The Maori put up stiff resistance to the British and fought to keep their land 

    Queen Victoria had no interest in making New Zealand a territory 

    It was not claimed and the British respected the rights of the Maori

    Not enough of the ex-convicts stayed to take advantage of the free land offer

  • Q9

    Why were some people opposed to women's suffrage? 

    Women were not considered citizens 

    Women should be more worried about keeping house

    They already had too many rights

    It was too radical of a change and women lacked the ability to make an informed choice

  • Q10

    The organized attacks against Jews in Russia that forced many to flee to US and other countries



    The Holocaust 


  • Q11

    Daniel O' Connell was the _________________________

    Was the Australian prime minister who adopted the secret ballot

    Was the first New Zealander who fought for women's suffrage 

    Irish representative to Parliament who convinced members to pass the Catholic Emancipation Act

    Lead actor in the First James Bond Film, Dr. No

  • Q12

    The Irish nationalist group who carried out attacks on British targets and sparked a war was _____________________________

    Irish Refugee Army 

    Irish Reformation Army 

    Irish Republican Army 

    Irish Response Army

  • Q13

    The Third Republic was a democratic government created ______________________

    by Australians who wanted to have a more democratic country 

    by members of the Irish Provisional Army 

    by France in 1875

    by New Zealand after women gained suffrage

  • Q14

    The Reform Bill of 1832 changed suffrage in England by ________________________

    Lowering property requirements and allowing working class men to vote

    lowering the voting age to 16 and allowing women to vote

    Lowering the property requirements and expanding voting districts

    Allowing women and agricultural workers to vote

  • Q15

    Canada gains ______________________ through the Dominion of Canada Act in 1867

    the territory of Alaska 

    another territory 

    Home Rule 



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