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Chapter 11 Quiz

Quiz by Jeffrey Williams

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27 questions
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  • Q1

    What happens when you double-click a PowerShell script file?

    It opens in PoweShell but doesn't run.

    It displays an error message.

    It opens as a Notepad file.

    It opens and runs in PowerShell.

  • Q2

    When should you start monitoring system performance?

    Immediately after the system is set up.

    Immediately after updating a driver.

    Immediately after installing a new application.

    Immediately after a problem occurs.

  • Q3

    A user calls to complain that her Windows system is running slowly. You launch Task Manager on her system and select the Processes tab. The output is shown in the image below.

    In addition to installing a faster CPU, what should you do?

    Question Image

    Upgrade to a faster hard disk interface.

    Upgrade to a hard disk drive with a higher rotational speed.

    Install a faster video adapter in the system.

    Install more RAM in the system.

  • Q4

    Consider the Reliability Monitor output shown below. Which status does the yellow triangle icon with an exclamation point represent?

    Question Image



    Critical event


  • Q5

    How do you increase the size of the paging file on your Windows system?

    Modify the System Protection settings.

    Modify the Processor Scheduling settings.

    Modify the Disk Thrashing settings.

    Modify the Advanced system settings.

  • Q6

    What is it called when the hard drive light on your PC is staying on constantly, and the applications have slowed down significantly?

    Disk thrashing

    Page file

    Disk crash


  • Q7

    After running the Backup and Restore console on your Windows computer, you notice that backups are not created for open files.

    To troubleshoot the issue, you want to confirm that the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) is running and configured to start automatically when the computer boots.

    Which tool can you use to make sure VSS is configured to start automatically?

    Reliability Monitor


    Event Viewer

    Computer Management

    Performance Monitor

  • Q8

    There's a tool designed to collect data. It allows you to specify which counters you want to collect data for by clicking on the plus sign and adding the counters you want. What's the name of this tool?

    Task Manager

    Computer Management

    Resource Monitor

    Performance Monitor

  • Q9

    Which tool can be used to automatically fix common startup problems?

    Update & Security


    Automatic Repair

    Startup Repair

  • Q10

    You have a utility on your computer that needs to run regularly on a set time and day each week. What tool would you use to accomplish this task?

    System Configuration (msconfig)

    Task Manager

    DirectX Diagnostic

    Task Scheduler

  • Q11

    You use an application on your Windows system that compresses videos used in your online business. You want to make sure that the application continues to run in the background even if you open other applications.

    How do you adjust the amount of attention given to that application?

    Use Task Manager to modify the process priority.

    Use the Services console to change the startup type to Automatic.

    Use Task Manager to switch to the running application.

    Use Task Manager to modify the processor affinity.

  • Q12

    Why does virtual memory play an important role in the Windows OS?

    It allows you to run more applications on the system than you have physical memory to support.

    It allows you to modify applications on the system that you can't modify in the physical memory.

    It allows you to run less applications on the system than you have physical memory to support

    It allows you to install more hardware on the system than you have physical space to support.

  • Q13

    Which of the following utilities allows you to change the startup type of a service to Automatic (Delayed)?



    Task Manager


  • Q14

    Consider the Reliability Monitor output shown below. What does the red circle with the letter x represent?

    Question Image



    Critical Event


  • Q15

    While working with a new application on your Windows system, the application stops responding.

    How can you analyze the application and its associated processes to identify which processes the application is waiting on?

    In Resource Monitor, analyze the wait chain for the process.

    In Event Viewer, create a filtered view for events related to the process. Examine the details of each event.

    In Task Manager, end the process tree for the process.

    In Task Manager, go to the service associated with the process. Open the Services console and view the dependencies for that service.


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