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Chapter 12 Review

Quiz by Peter Duesterbeck

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57 questions
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  • Q1
    According to the Hindu belief, what is Brahman?
    one spiritual force that unifies the universe
    a pilgrimage to a holy site
    a head priest of a temple
    the lowest-ranked varna in the caste system
  • Q2
    Why do pilgrims travel to the city of Varanasi?
    to ask permission to change caste
    to take part in an annual drama about the Bhagavad Gita
    to worship by the Ganges, which they believe is sacred
    to make offerings at a temple dedicated to the Buddha
  • Q3
    How has the caste system changed in the last 50 years?
    "Untouchables" have been ranked in the third-highest caste.
    Discrimination has been outlawed by the constitution.
    Caste is based on region rather than job.
    An unofficial fifth group has been added.
  • Q4
    How do the films produced in Mumbai and Chennai differ?
    Mumbai makes few films while Chennai makes hundreds of films.
    The films of Mumbai are completely Western in style.
    The films of Chennai do not use music.
    Mumbai makes films in Hindi while Chennai make films in Tamil.
  • Q5
    Why is the Indian government working to improve infrastructure?
    India's population is growing very quickly.
    India's sewers were ruined by storms.
    The government needs highways to retain military control of Kashmir.
    The government believes economic growth will reduce discrimination.
  • Q6
    What is true of India's middle class?
    It is equal to the population of the United States.
    It has been shrinking steadily over the last 20 years.
    It is double the population of the United Kingdom.
    It has remained the same size for the last century.
  • Q7
    What has been a big part of India's economic growth?
    the construction of dams
    the outsourcing of US service jobs
    the growing meat-packing industry
    the popularity of Bollywood
  • Q8
    What is a pull factor that helps explain the way the rural and urban population of India is changing?
    factory jobs in the city
    friends in rural villages
    drought in rural villages
    air pollution in the city
  • Q9
    What characteristic of Pakistan has been an obstacle to unity?
    division into provinces
    lack of a major river
    mountainous terrain
    hostility with India
  • Q10
    Why does Bangladesh have difficulty finding products to export?
    no surplus crops
    no industrial machines
    few natural resources
    few factory workers
  • Q11
    According to Hindu belief, what determines the form that a soul will take in the next life?
  • Q12
    What are the Mahabaharata and Ramayana?
    religious journeys undertaken to bathe in the Ganges
    holy sites visited by millions of Hindus each year
    sacred texts that give rules of behavior
    epic poems that teach Hindu beliefs
  • Q13
    What is the name for the sacred Hindu texts that date back to Aryan civilization?
  • Q14
    What is Bhangra?
    a form of folk dance and music from the Punjab
    a type of Hindu religious music played on the flute
    the Hindi term for Indian rock
    the Hindi term for western pop
  • Q15
    How is India's government like that of the United States?
    It has a strong president
    It has three branches.
    It has legislature called Congress.
    It has an electoral college.

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