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Chapter 12 Services and Settlements

Quiz by Adam Adams

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25 questions
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  • Q1
    Grouping together of many firms from the same industry in a single area for collective or cooperative use of infrastructure and sharing of labor resources.
  • Q2
    Industries that sell their products or services primarily to consumers outside the settlement
    Basic Industries
  • Q3
    Services that primarily meet the needs of other businesses, including professional, financial, and transportation services
    Business Services
  • Q4
    A market center for the exchange of services by people attracted from the surrounding area.
    Central Place
  • Q5
    A theory that explains the distribution of services, based on the fact that settlements serve as centers of market areas for services; larger settlements are fewer and farther apart than smaller settlements and provide services for a larger number of people who are willing to travel farther.
    Central Place Theory
  • Q6
    A sovereign state comprising a city and its immediate hinterland.
  • Q7
    The market area surrounding an urban center, which that urban center serves.
  • Q8
    A rural settlement in which the houses and farm buildings of each family are situated close to each other and fields surround the settlement
    Clustered Rural Settlement
  • Q9
    Relating to farm areas and life in the country
  • Q10
    Refers to cities, and the build up of cities.
  • Q11
    Businesses that provide services primarily to individual consumers, including retail services and personal services.
    Consumer Services
  • Q12
    A rural settlement pattern characterized by isolated farms rather than clustered villages.
    Dispersed Rural Settlement
  • Q13
    A community's collection of basic industries.
    Economic Base
  • Q14
    The process of consolidating small landholdings into a smaller number of larger farms in England during the eighteenth century.
    Enclosure Movement
  • Q15
    A model that holds that the potential use of a service at a particular location is directly related to the number of people in a location and inversely related to the distance people must travel to reach the service.
    Gravity Model

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