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Chapter 14

Quiz by Carrie Dillard

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16 questions
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  • Q1
    Clare climbs steps everyday to stimulate her heart and lung functioning. She does this to remain fit and healthy. Claire's exercise is a type of _____.
    muscle strengthening exercise
    flexibility exercise
    aerobic exercise
    anaerobic exercise
  • Q2
    You just received a letter informing you that the college you really wanted to attend next semester has denied your application for enrollment. If you use the emotion-focused coping method you would _____.
    retake the SAT to try to raise your standardized test score
    calm yourself and visit a friend
    confront the source of you stress head-on
    acknowledge your problem and actively try to solve it
  • Q3
    Andrea was just fired from a job she really loved. You are her best friend so you try to offer her all the support that she needs. Giving Andrea a hug when she is down and telling her that you will "be there for her" is an example of _____ support, whereas loaning her money and telling her that she can stay with you until she finds another job is an example of _____ support.
  • Q4
    When a rat is first introduced to an over-crowded cage, it will likely enter the _____ stage of the general adaptation syndrome.
  • Q5
    Melissa just landed her dream job. The only problem is that her workplace is far from her home. She spends about 3 hours commuting in the car every day. Traffic is normally quite heavy and Melissa is experiencing a great deal of stress. If Melissa moved closer to her place of employment in order to decrease her commute time, this would be an example of _____.
    emotion-focused coping
    repressive coping
    problem-focused coping
  • Q6
    Suzanne wants to lose 20 pounds before her honeymoon to Hawaii. Although she realizes that being thinner will make her feel stronger and healthier, she has a weakness for ice cream. She's not sure that she will be able to give up the short-term pleasure of indulging in an ice cream cone for dessert today in exchange for the long-term benefits of weight loss. Suzanne appears to be in which of the following stages of change?
  • Q7
    Bob decided that he was a bit overweight and in order to do something about it, he created a new exercise program, something he'd never tried before. Though he initially had some difficulty setting it up and sticking with it, he has consistently done his exercise workout for the last eight months. Though it is becoming more habitual, the program is still not yet automatic for him and he reinforces himself with new CDs each month if he has successfully completed his workouts. According to the stages of change model, Bob would most likely be in the _____.
    maintenance stage
    contemplation stage
    termination stage
    preparation/determination stage
  • Q8
    Kirby just got divorced. He is currently thinking about how disruptive and significant this life change will be for him. According to Lazarus, Kirby's behavior is an example of _____.
    primary appraisal
    secondary appraisal
    daily hassles and uplifts
    the general adaptions syndrome
  • Q9
    Twenty-year-old Lily has been smoking since she was 12 and wants to quit. While no method is foolproof, the most successful avenue for breaking the addiction involves _____.
    nicotine replacement
    using a combination of therapeutic methods
    behavioral stategies
  • Q10
    Pauline is responsible and reliable. She likes structure and always sees a task through until it is completed. She exercises, eats healthy foods, and always wears her seatbelt. Pauline would score high on which of the following personality traits?
    openness to new experiences
  • Q11
    Health psychologists believe that ______ are the key factors in health.
    psychological characteristics
    All of the above
  • Q12
    According to the text, health psychology overlaps in significant ways with
    behavioral medicine
  • Q13
    The stages of change model
    does not apply to cigarette smoking
    applies to a wide variety of behaviors
    is not at all contoversial
    does not apply to safe-sex practices
  • Q14
    The theoretical model that breaks down behavioral change into five distinct steps is the
    cognitive theory of change
    stages of change model
    theory of planned behavior
    theory of reasoned action
  • Q15
    The benefits of social support include all of the following except
    emotional support
    victim blaming
    tangible assistance

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