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chapter 2

Quiz by hussein

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  • Q1
    Which of the following is the definition of power?
    (force) ∙ (velocity)
    (mass) ∙ (acceleration
    (torque) ∙ (time)
    (force) ∙ (distance)
  • Q2
    To compare performances of Olympic weightlifters of different body weights, the classic formula divides the load lifted by the athlete’s
    body weight to the two-thirds power
    body weight squared
    lean body weight
    body weight
  • Q3
    During a free weight exercise, muscle force varies with which of the following? I. perpendicular distance from the weight to the body joint II. joint angle III. movement acceleration IV. movement velocity squared
    II and IV only
    I, II, and III only
    I and III only
    II, III, and IV only
  • Q4
    A vertical jump involves knee, hip, and shoulder movement primarily in which of the following anatomical planes?
  • Q5
    An athlete is performing a concentric isokinetic elbow flexion and extension exercise. Which of the following type(s) of levers occur(s) at the elbow during this exercise? I. first class II. second class III. third class
    I only
    II only
    II and III only
    I and III only

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