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Chapter 2: Causes of Crime

Quiz by Debbie Rowell

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25 questions
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  • Q1
    In positivism, behavior is thought to be
    the result of a rational decision-making process
    beyond the control of the individual
    the result of exposure to family and friends
    not influenced by the environment surrounding the individual
  • Q2
    Labeling an individual
    affects one's self-concept
    cannot be reversed
    cannot be applied by the community
    is evil
  • Q3
    Which model holds that substance abusers are forced into petty crime to feed their addictions?
    medical model
    criminal model
    treatment model
    addiction model
  • Q4
    Social conflict theory is often associated with a criticism of capitalism. Capitalism is seen as leading to high levels of violence and crime because of
    disparity of income that results
    decrease in self-control
  • Q5
    Classical theorists believed that a crime was an expression of a person's
    rational decision-making process

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