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Chapter 2 - Customer Service (Part 1)

Quiz by La Quinta Beavers

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25 questions
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  • Q1
    It is important to build relationship with your customer. In the first few seconds after the customer's arrival, you should:
    Greet the customer and make him feel welcome
    Tidy up the product display before showing it to the customer
    Find your sales book and get it ready for your next sale
    Make sure your clothes are neat and you look professional
  • Q2
    A new customer comes into your department, but you are helping another customer. You should:
    Help the customer who looks like he will spend the most money
    Acknowledge the new customer's presence with eye contact and/or a brief comment that you'll be right with him
    Let the new customer wait his turn until you have completed your current sale
    Focus all your attention on your current customer
  • Q3
    Projecting a professional and friendly image includes:
    Dressing in expensive, professional looking clothing
    Shaking the hand of each customer
    Standing behind your cash register and waiting for the customer to come to you
    Behaving in an alert and courteous manner
  • Q4
    A good reason for creating an opening for discussion is to:
    Get to know what the customer wants
    Break down the customer's sales resistance
    Convince the customer how much you know about the product
  • Q5
    The best way to talk to a new customer is to:
    Convince her that you know what is best for her to buy
    Match what you say and your tone of voice to her personality
    Interact as if you are old friends
    Flatter her - tell her she has taste and looks great
  • Q6
    Three ways to create a positive impression of you and the store include: Complimenting the customer's taste; assuring the customer that he is the expert; and
    Indicating that based on your professional product knowledge, you feel his purchases are worthwhile
    Stating that the products in your store are far better than those in other stores
    Suggesting that he buy "top of the line" products
  • Q7
    If the customer isn't shopping alone, you can include the rest of the party by:
    Suggesting that the customer might want to make this shopping decision when he is alone and can cncentrate
    Telling any children to behave themselves while their parent makes this important decision
    Showing some kind of service to others in the party, such as offering a chair, a cup of coffee, and so on
  • Q8
    If a customer walks directly to an item, this may indicate that he:
    Is in a hurry and doen't want any attention from you
    Is looking for the least expensive brand
    Just wants to look at the item and has no interest in buying
    Knows that he wants and would probably appreciate quick, efficient service
  • Q9
    Your ultimate goal as a sales associate is to:
    Provide service to as many customers as you can
    Meet your quota each month
    Satisfy the customer
  • Q10
    You can best determine the customer's needs by gathering information through careful observation and by:
    Telling the customer everything you know about your products
    Asking the customer thoughtful question
    Deciding the type of products you think the customer should buy
  • Q11
    To keep the lines of communication open, the best question to ask:
    Begin with who, what, where, when, how, or why
    Are direct and to the point
    Are ones that are able to direct the customer to a decision
    Are ones that can be quickly answered with a "yes" or "no"
  • Q12
    Which of the following are examples of open-ended questions?
    Do you like blue or brown?
    Is this all for you today?
    What features are important to you?
    Can I help you?
  • Q13
    When fitting the products to the customer, you should:
    Correct her if she tells you the wrong size
    Ask questions that will help her define the right fit
  • Q14
    Which of the following phrases might be appropriate when discussing clothing size with your customer?
    You wear a bigger size on the bottom than on the top.
    You look to be about a size XX.
    How big are you?
    Have you worn this brand before? What size was most comfortable for you?
  • Q15
    How would you handle a situation where a customer wants a brand that you don't carry?
    Convince him that your brands are better
    Smile and listen politely, but don't tell him you don't have his brand; show him your items anyway
    Tell him that he won't find anything better than what you have
    Get permission from him to show the items you do have that meets his needs

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