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Chapter 2 - Customer Service (Part 2)

Quiz by La Quinta Beavers

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25 questions
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  • Q1
    The company's return policy should always be:
    clearly displayed in writing and mentioned by the employee
    mentioned by the employee only
    kept secret
  • Q2
    Even if your company's return policy restricts what you can do for the customer, you should:
    Do what the customer asks; management will have to support your decision
    Consider alternatives, such as offering a discount coupon or a free sample
    Agree with him that the product is defective and should be replaced, but tell him that the store won't let you do anything about it
  • Q3
    Which of the following might be acceptable techniques for directing a customer to the Customer Service department?
    A. "Customer service is on the third floor; take the elevator and turn right when you get off. I'd go with you, but I can't leave this area unattended at the moment."
    D. Both A and C
    C. "Someone in Customer Service can help you with that; I'll show you the way."
    B. "You'll have to take this to Customer Service; I can't help you here."
  • Q4
    Customer complaints should be welcomed because they provide an opportunity to:
    Get customers back to the store so they'll buy more
    Learn who the potential "problem customers" are
    Learn about problems so improvements can be made
    Do something different for a change
  • Q5
    Which options sounds best when dealing with a customer complaint?
    Know when to give in to the customer's demands
    Keep asking what the customer wants, even when the solution is obvious to you
    Keep the customer from asking for a refund
    Know a solution if the customer does not suggest one
  • Q6
    If a customer becomes abusive, you should probably:
    Contact your manager
    Tell him he is being abusive and call security
    Refund his money immediately
  • Q7
    When the customer presents you with a problem, you should ask her:
    How she would like the situation solved
    Who is at fault in the situation
    If she shops at your store on a regular basis
  • Q8
    If you find yourself having to resolve a very difficult issue, you may want to:
    Get help from a more senior employee
    Ask the customer to come back another time
    Tell the customer that he is being unreasonable
  • Q9
    As a sales associate, your goal is to:
    Decide who's right or wrong
    Keep the customer coming back
    Keep the returns to a minimum
  • Q10
    Showing the customer that you and your store stand behind the products and services you sell:
    Shows a professionalism that builds customer loyalty
    Encourages customers to return items more frequently
    Limits the profit on some items
  • Q11
    When customers come to you with complaints, you need to:
    Listen carefully
    Be patient
    Get information
    All of these
  • Q12
    Two of the basics needed to ensure that a customer has a pleasant experience when he comes to your store are:
    Free coffee and doughnuts, and a clean restroom
    An enjoyable atmosphere and super service
    Sales associates who look snazzy and take turns helping customers
  • Q13
    Small kindnesses to your customers may include:
    Bringing merchandise to an older or disabled customer while he sits down
    All of these
    Consolidating many small packages into one large shopping bag
    Letting the customer make a local call to verify appropriateness or preference
  • Q14
    To assist your customer in a personal way, you should become familiar with:
    Resources in and near your store
    Their relatives, special friends, and loved ones
    Entertainment centers and movie theaters in the district
  • Q15
    In preparing a resources list for your customers, you should consider including:
    All of these
    Local companies that have complimentary services tot he products you sell
    Information about companies you recommend, such as repair shops
    Phone numbers that customers have requested in the past, such as a taxi service

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