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Chapter 2 Kansas History

Quiz by Lori Oestreicher

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  • Q1

    What did Francisco Vasquez de Coronado find when he reached Quivira?

    plentiful gold mines

    Wichita villages

    large silver mines

    Comanche tipis

  • Q2

    Which factor contributed most to increase conflict between Native American tribes living in Kansas?

    changing weather patterns

    increased population growth

    widespread animal extinctions

    differing religious beliefs

  • Q3

    One similarity between different tribes on the Great Plains is that they

    paid to control the land.

    lived in large family villages.

    built permanent villages.

    domesticated the first horses.

  • Q4

    European explorers were motivated to explore North and South America for the following reasons EXCEPT

    the desire for riches

    to spread religious beliefs

    to learn more about other cultures

    the need to find a new monarch

  • Q5

    Which two tribes first lived in present-day Kansas?

    Cheyenne and Osage

    Wichita and Osage

    Wichita and Cheyenne

  • Q6

    Archaeologists know that early humans hunted big game thanks to

    the tools they left behind.

    their extensive written records.

    the settlements they built.

    their rich oral traditions.

  • Q7

    One difference between absolute and relative dating is that

    relative dating is only used for human artifacts.

    absolute dating is only used by archaeologists.

    absolute dating looks at the exact age of an artifact. 

    relative dating uses advanced technology.


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