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Chapter 2 Test: The American Land

Quiz by Sonya Paul

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20 questions
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  • Q1
    What is a resource?
    machines that are used in industry
    a process that takes minerals from the earth
    something used to make people what they need
    the protection of animals and plants
  • Q2
    An example of a nonrenewable resource is
  • Q3
    What is conservation?
    careful use and protection of resources
    the use of gold and silver in electrical connections
    when people waste resources
    the use of aluminum cans
  • Q4
    What does it mean to recycle?
    to dig up minerals again
    to find new resources
    to reuse things
    to find resources
  • Q5
    The city of Gary, Indiana was created to use which kind of resources to make steel?
    iron and coal
    aluminum and bauxite
    copper and silver
    natural gas and oil
  • Q6
    What is weather?
    a kind of plant that tells what the next day will be like
    a pattern in the sky
    what is outside of your house or school
    the condition of a layer of air around the earth
  • Q7
    What is temperature?
    water moving from bodies of water to the air
    a weather forecaster
    a measurement of hotness or coldness
    when the air gets damp
  • Q8
    What is precipitation?
    all of the above
    moisture that falls from clouds
  • Q9
    What does NOT affect the climate?
    size of the city
    distance from water
  • Q10
    Places at latitudes near the equator usually have
    windier weather
    warmer climates
    colder climates
    little or no rain
  • Q11
    What are landforms?
    features of the earth's surface like mountains and valleys
    land that has been formed by water
    studies of the earth and its plant and animal life
    gifts of land given by the government for specific purpose
  • Q12
    What is erosion?
    wearing away of the earth as a result of moving water
    lowest point in a canyon where a river divides the rocks
    something found in nature that is used to raise land
    a deeply cut valley with high steep sides
  • Q13
    What is the Continental Divide?
    a stretch of high land along the Rocky Mountains that separates water that flows east from the water that flows west
    a place on the Mississippi River that divides the East from the West
    a place that marks the halfway point across the United States
    the border between the United States and Canada
  • Q14
    The Coast Ranges, the Cascades, and the Sierra Nevada make up the
    Great Basin
    Rocky Mountains
    Great Plains
    Pacific Ranges
  • Q15
    Which major landform area is just east of the Rocky Mountains?
    the Appalachian Mountains
    the Continental Divide
    the Coastal Plains
    The Great Plains

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