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Chapter 22

Quiz by Abbie Millard

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    When the Civil War began,
    both sides were prepared for a long and drawn-out war.
    northerners were reluctant to volunteer for military service.
    southerners believed they could win by capturing Washington, D.C.
    the South's greatest strength was its military leadership.
  • Q2
    Hopes on both sides for a quick victory ended with the
    Battle of Antietam
    battle between the Merrimac and the Monitor.
    Battle of Bull Run.
    Battle of Gettysburg.
  • Q3
    Lincoln's "Anaconda Plan" for winning the war called for all of the following except
    assassinating Jefferson Davis to leave the Confederacy without a leader.
    dividing the South into sections to weaken the Confederacy.
    capturing Richmond to destroy the Confederate government.
    a blockade of southern ports to cut off shipping.
  • Q4
    Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation declared
    slaves in Union slave states to be free.
    all slaves to be forever free.
    slaves in U.S. territories to be free.
    slaves in Confederate states to be free.
  • Q5
    The Battle of Gettysburg was a turning point in the war because
    the outcome convinced European nations to help the Confederacy.
    it triggered a four-day draft riot in New York City.
    Lee lost so many troops that he would never again invade the North.
    southern troops reached their northernmost point in Union territory.
  • Q6
    With the fall of Vicksburg, Union forces
    proved the value of ironclad ships.
    showed that black soldiers could fight.
    controlled all southern ports.
    gained control of the Mississippi River.
  • Q7
    General Tecumseh Sherman's march through Georgia was
    a turning point in the war.
    the bloodiest battle of the war.
    A. a defeat for both armies.
    an example of total war.
  • Q8
    The terms of surrender General Grant offered to General Lee were designed to
    continue his policy of accepting nothing less than unconditional surrender.
    punish southerners who had fought for the Confederacy.
    end the war without causing further suffering or hatred.
    convince northerners that the heavy costs of the war were justified.
  • Q9
    When the Civil War began, the North had an advantage in terms of
    slaves and farms.
    imports and exports.
    towns and cities.
    mills and factories.
  • Q10
    The South's main economic strength came from its
    acres of farmland.
    number of slaves.
    gold in banks.
    cotton exports.
  • Q11
    The contrast between the North and South was greatest in terms of
    miles of railroad track.
    land area.
    value of exports.
    iron and steel production.
  • Q12
    Which resource became important in warfare for the first time during the Civil War?
    iron and steel production
    miles of railroad track

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