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Chapter 23 - The Han Dynasty Review

Quiz by Richard Vittoria

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14 questions
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  • Q1

    Compared with the Qin Dynasty, the Han Dynasty:

    lasted much longer

    had much worse rulers

    was much smaller

    had far fewer inventions 

  • Q2

    How did the Han Dynasty gradually change the way China ruled?

    They returned most power to the local nobles

    They moved from legalism ideas to Confucianism ideas.

    They punished people who tried to publish Daoist beliefs.

  • Q3

    What new technology MOST helped the Han in warfare?

    invention of the wheel

    advancements in iron

    steam-powered riverboats

    improvements in gunpowder

  • Q4

    What Han invention did the Chinese use for these military purposes to send messages & scare the enemy?




    fish-scale armor

  • Q5

    Which of these men would MOST likely be hired for the Han bureaucracy?

    One who was born in the capital

    One who did well on an exam

    One who inherited a lot of money.

    One who had an important family.

  • Q6

    How did the Han emperors keep civil servants from doing special favors for their friends?

    placed them away from their home districts

    placed them away from their home districts

    executed their friends and relations

    made them file a weekly report

  • Q7

    The chain pump increased harvests by helping farmers:

    move heavy goods.

    store grain so that it would not spoil.

    bring water up to their fields.

    plow the soil for planting.

  • Q8

    What change made silk production MORE efficient?

    A kind of tree that was better for silkworms

    An invention that wound fibers onto a large reel

    A road on which trade goods could be carried safely

    A law that all farmers must weave for one month a year

  • Q9

    What was one EFFECT of the invention of the drill that extracted salt from the earth?

    better harvests

    more wealth from trade

    better earthquake prediction

    more oil for heat

  • Q10

    Which tool did ancient Chinese scribes use for writing?

    a brush

    a reed

    a feather

    a stylus

  • Q11

    What did the Chinese write on before they invented paper?

    silk and bamboo

    seaweed and straw

    hides and leather

    tree bark and leaves

  • Q12

    Ancient Chinese healers used the technique of acupuncture to:

    teach people to live with pain.

    rebalance the forces of yin and yang.

    satisfy the gods.

    achieve immortality.

  • Q13

    Which of these discoveries did the Chinese make, more than a thousand years before people in Europe did?

    that metal can be shaped into strong swords

    that wheeled carts can be pulled by oxen

    that blood circulates through the body

    that comets can be seen in the night sky

  • Q14

    The Chinese invented the magnetic compass to show which way was south.  What was their EARLIEST reason for wanting to know directions?

    to foretell what would happen in the future

    to position buildings correctly for good fortune

    to know the best time to plant their crops

    to navigate ships safely out of sight of land


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