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Chapter 28: Environmental and ethical issues

Quiz by jane

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  • Q1
    All of the following are environmental impacts of business activity except:
    disposal of waste makes rivers less able to support fish
    increased car production increases employment
    oil spills lead to sea bird deaths
    release of pollution which may contribute to global warming
  • Q2
    The best definition of the external cost of business activity is:
    the costs that have to be paid by the consumer not the producer
    the costs of reducing pollution that the business pays for
    the costs that the government has to pay for not society
    the costs to the rest of society not the business itself
  • Q3
    One of the external benefits resulting from a business decision to open a new factory is:
    the costs to the rest of society not the business itself
    suppliers benefit from more choice and lower prices
    the shops in the area benefit from residents’ increased incomes
    the increased output leads to increased profits
  • Q4
    One way in which businesses can contribute to sustainable development is:
    loping new products which are likely to have sustained
    using the cheapest raw materials available
    recycling as much waste as possible
    reducing the prices of products as much as possible
  • Q5
    The best definition of a pressure group is:
    when a business encourages group work within its factories
    competing firms that put pressure on a business to reduce prices
    people organising themselves to try to change business activities
    groups of people who organise themselves to buy products in bulk from a business

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