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Chapter 29 Fish in a Tree

Quiz by Linda Davis

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7 questions
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  • Q1

    What did Mr. Daniels do for Ally to convince her to play chess with him?

    He excused Ally writing in your journal.

    He excused Ally from classwork assignments.

    He excused Ally from class for a week.

    He excused her from homework.

  • Q2

    Where is the Eiffel Tower, where Ally’s grandfather told her he was going to take her?





  • Q3

    What common saying came from people sleeping on mattresses lifted off the floor with ropes so they would be away from bugs?

    Let sleeping dog lie.

    Sleep like a log

    Sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite

    See you later alligator

  • Q4

    What did Mr. Daniels tell Ally she had that made it hard for her to read?





  • Q5

    Where did Mr. Daniel’s family go where his brother and he loved to write in the sand on the beach?


    South Caroina 



  • Q6

    How does the saying, “If you judge a fish onits ability to climb a tree…” end?

    It will spend its whole life thinking that it’s pretty.

    It will spend its whole life thinking that it’s lazy. 

    It will spend its whole life thinking that it’s stupid.

    It will spend its whol life thinking that it's smart.

  • Q7

    Who was the reading consultant at Ally’s school?

    Miss McKinley

    Miss Kelly

    Miss Kessler

    Miss Keith


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