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Chapter 2B Science-4th grade

Quiz by Pam Woith

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    In science, energy means the......
    ability to move fast.
    ability to do work.
    position of an object.
  • Q2
    A ball is held at the top of an incline. The energy it has at this point is called.....
    potential energy.
    kinetic energy.
  • Q3
    When you kick a soccer ball, you give it....
    potential energy.
    kinetic energy.
  • Q4
    Which is an example of mechanical energy?
    a radio that you plug into a wall socket.
    a flashlight that uses a battery.
    a bicycle that moves when you pedal it.
  • Q5
    A toy that uses a battery is powered by.....
    mechanical energy.
    electrical energy.
    chemical energy.
  • Q6
    Which of the these is an example of work being done?
    You watch a TV program.
    You read a difficult book.
    You take out the trash.
    You listen to your car's engine.
  • Q7
    The amount of work done depends on the amount of force you use and on....
    whether you try your best.
    how far the object moves.
    how difficult the task it.
    how heavy the object is.
  • Q8
    You push a large rock, but it does not move. What has happened?
    You have not used force, and you have not done work.
    You have added potential energy to the rock.
    You have used force, but you have not done work.
    You have not used force, but you have done work.
  • Q9
    A simple machine is a machine that....
    does not have wheels.
    does not use electricity.
    makes work easier.
  • Q10
    Which one of these is a compound machine?
    inclined plane
    wheel and axle

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