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Chapter 2B Science-4th grade

Quiz by Pam Woith

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    In science, energy means the......
    ability to move fast.
    ability to do work.
    position of an object.
  • Q2
    A ball is held at the top of an incline. The energy it has at this point is called.....
    potential energy.
    kinetic energy.
  • Q3
    When you kick a soccer ball, you give it....
    potential energy.
    kinetic energy.
  • Q4
    Which is an example of mechanical energy?
    a radio that you plug into a wall socket.
    a flashlight that uses a battery.
    a bicycle that moves when you pedal it.
  • Q5
    A toy that uses a battery is powered by.....
    mechanical energy.
    electrical energy.
    chemical energy.

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