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Chapter 3 Framework for Understanding Poverty

Quiz by S Schmidt

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  • Q1
    What are hidden rules?
    Hidden rules are the unspoken language we use without even realizing it.
    Hidden rules are the body language we use to communicate nonverbally.
    Hidden rules are made up. They are not a real thing.
    Hidden rules are the unspoken cues and habits of a group.
  • Q2
    How and where do you learn hidden rules?
    There is a special course you take in college.
    Hidden rules come out of one's situated-learning environment and are learned both by being in that environment and by being taught.
    There is a special course you take in high school.
    You are trained in hidden rules at your first job.
  • Q3
    What are some of the topics individuals from low SES families spend their time thinking about?
    vacation, shopping, hobbies, and sports.
    private clubs, keeping up, attending events, and lawyers.
    Debt, jobs, family and friends, safety, and housing.
    political action, prevention, education, and careers.

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