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chapter 3 review

Quiz by Wesley Bray

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15 questions
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  • Q1
    what attitude is bad for mental health
  • Q2
    the definition of attitude
    produce actions that cause it to increase
    learned behaviors that people develop
  • Q3
    name the defense mechanisms
    acting out
    all of the above
  • Q4
    what is self talk
    little messages that you send to yourself
    none of the above
    always see potential in others none of the above
    getting rid of negativity
  • Q5
    what is stress
    the body's response to events in your life
    the normal process of growing and developing
    everyday events that are problematic
  • Q6
    what is a mental attitude
    refuse to accept what happened
    a way of thinking and responding to situations
    things people use to blame other people
    none of the above
  • Q7
    what is rationalization
    placing the blame on other people
    when people take out their feelings on other people
    giving socially exceptionable excuses
    none of the above
  • Q8
    what is a direct attack
    none of the above
    a method used to face a problem
    focus on a strength to focus on a weakness
    when people expect too much from someone
  • Q9
    what type of friends do you want to have
    friends that only spend most of the time with you when they get things
    none of the above
    friends that judge you
    friends that are proud of you when you achieve something
  • Q10
    what is a example of a positive friend
    a friend that cares about your accomplishments
    someone that cares about you when they get something
    none of the above
    someone that judges you
  • Q11
    what are traumatic events
    none of the above
    being happy about something bad
    suicidal thoughts
    the negative things that happen to you in your life
  • Q12
    effects of stress
    chronic stress
    fight or flight response
    all of the above
    stress hormones
  • Q13
    how do you control your anger
    none of the above
    blame everybody you see
    hit the wall as a stress reliever
    admit you anger and control it
  • Q14
    what is anxiety
    a feeling that people have when they think something bad will happen
    throwing things at people because you think they are mean
    running away from someone
    none of the above
  • Q15
    what are sex roles
    how society thinks men and women should act and like
    none of the above
    characteristics that are defined about something
    an oversimplified opinion

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