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Chapter 4: Developing S.S. Concepts and Generalizations

Quiz by Sarah Lemmons

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  • Q1
    What is an operational description?
    A label or term
    A formal definition
    The dictionary term
    A definition that describes the concept in practical, everyday language, often accompanied with an example
  • Q2
    Why should teachers ask questions when teaching students new concepts?
    To annoy them with a lot of questions
    To make sure they understand the concept
    To keep students focused and to give them resources to use
    To keep them occupied
  • Q3
    What is lesson development?
    It is an exploratory introduction
    It is engaging students in conversation before, during, and after the lesson about what they know, what they wonder, and what they learned
    It asks students how they can apply what they have learned to their everyday lives
    It brings the students prior knowledge to the surface
  • Q4
    Why is it important to separate facts from concepts?
    Many qualities of facts are our own experience rather than concepts
    Concepts and facts are different
    Facts don't have a complete explanation for concepts
    Many qualities of concepts are our own experiences rather than facts
  • Q5
    What is a formal definition?
    A carefully worded sentence often using abstract terms that are given in a dictionary
    An operational description
    A label or term
    A definition that describes the concept in practical, everyday language, often accompanied by an example
  • Q6
    What does an exploratory introduction do?
    It brings to surface the students prior knowledge that they may not have known or remembered they had.
    It is lesson development
    Asks students how they can apply what they've learned
    Asks students what they wonder
  • Q7
    What do expansion examples include? You may choose more than one.
    physical maps
    how they can use what they learned to make a difference
    how they can educate others
    Lesson development
    how they can apply the recently learned concept
    Exploratory Introductions
  • Q8
    Do students begin forming generalizations before they enter the classroom?
    Some students do
  • Q9
    Why are generalizations valuable?
    They contain facts
    They show relationships between facts and concepts, then allow us to make predictions
    They contain concepts
    They are the big idea over concepts and may contain facts
  • Q10
    What are assessments used for?
    To show other teachers who the students are that understand the concept
    To be sure all students are grasping the concepts being taught.
    To form generalizations
    To find the weak students and point them out
  • Q11
    Why is it important to be able to form generalizations? You may choose more than one answer.
    muliplem://To advance students in their abilities to make connections in the classroom:To have experiences to make decisions and solve problems
    To create a safe learning environment
    To do assessments

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