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Chapter 4: Planning Lessons

Quiz by Kelly Glick

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    Why is it important when developing a unit plan to focus it around essential questions?
    Essential question will always come up later on a test
    It is not important to consider essential questions, but rather we should only address questions at the end of the unit
    Essential questions address big ideas for fundamental concepts that we want students to learn and think about during a unit
    Questions are not always easy to develop
  • Q2
    Using the 5-E Instructional Model what do they recommend you do at the beginning of a lesson?
    You evaluate your students
    You elaborate with your students
    You engage with your students
    You explore with your students
  • Q3
    When writing lesson plans for what is important to consider when grouping students for instruction?
    To place students in groups based on their abilities
    Decide what type of grouping is best to meet the objectives of the lesson
    How to physically arrange the classroom in order for the groups to be productive
    How to set up groups so that students are in equal groupings
  • Q4
    Which of these is NOT something you need to consider when coming up with developmental activities of a lesson plan?
    Use several different types of instructional strategies during a lesson to add instructional variety
    To take into account student’s attention span
    Accommodate students different learning styles
    Will the activity peak the interest of every student
  • Q5
    Referring to the SIOP Model, which of the following is NOT an effective instructional intervention when considering the students who lack background knowledge on current lessons?
    Hands-on activities that preview the lesson agenda for students to link the concept to past experiences.
    Thoughtful discussions and interactions to establish memorable experiences.
    Familiarize students with words they can add to their vocabulary to better their comprehension.
    Give students space to work on their own experiences.

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