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Chapter 6: American Revolution Vocabulary

Quiz by Kevin Singh

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27 questions
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  • Q1
    The strongest navy in the world, a well-trained army, and the support of their wealthy empire
    British Advantages in the War
  • Q2
    Fighting on their own ground, soldiers with a greater motivation, and the leadership of George Washington
    American Advantages in the War
  • Q3
    Leader of the Continental Army. Led the Army with many victories against the British.
    George Washington
  • Q4
    King and leader of Great Britain during the American Revolution
    King George III
  • Q5
    Member of the Continental Congress, he helped create an alliance with the French during the war.
    Benjamin Franklin
  • Q6
    A hired soldier
  • Q7
    Enlisting or joining the military, or the person who joins the military
  • Q8
    the confidence, enthusiasm, and willingness of soldiers during a fight.
  • Q9
    Battle for control of New York. A serious defeat for the Continental Army. The British leader chased the Continental Army across New Jersey into Pennsylvania.
    Battle of Long Island (August 1776)
  • Q10
    Their idea was to divide and conquer, they wanted to separate the New England colonies from the middle and southern colonies. They wanted to control the Hudson river.
    British War Strategy
  • Q11
    General Washington pushed back the British and Hessian troops they met in Trenton and Princeton. The battles encouraged the Patriot troops to believe they could win.
    Battles of Trenton and Princeton
  • Q12
    MAJOR Turning point of the American Revolution. The Americans had won a huge victory at Saratoga. The British plan to take Albany and the Hudson River had failed. It convinced the French to support the U.S.
    Battle of Saratoga (September - October 1777)
  • Q13
    German soldiers (mercenaries) hired by George III to fight Colonial rebellion, they cared more about money than winning the war.
  • Q14
    The Continental Army faced a massive supply shortage and a brutal winter here
    Valley Forge (Winter 1777-1778)
  • Q15
    Benjamin Franklin tried to gain French support. After the Patriots won at Saratoga, France declared war on Great Britain. France agreed to help the Americans with money, equipment, and troops.
    Alliance with France (February 1778)

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