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Chapter 6: Elise and Tia - SDLC Process

Quiz by Tia

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  • Q1

    What does the SDLC stand for?

    San Diego Lifecycle 

    Software Department Circle of Life

    Software Development Life Cycle

    Software District LLC

  • Q2

    What is the SDLC?

    A set of guidelines and processes followed by development teams to create a software product

    A set of moral principles that guide a persons behavior

    A process in which the Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

    When a development team including the Scrum Master, Scrum Product Manager, and Scrum Team) meets to determine which backlog items will be handled in the next sprint.

  • Q3

    What two roles are found in all phases of the SDLC?

    Project Manager and Business Analyst

    Product Owner and Developer

    Business Analyst and Product Owner

    Project Manager and Product Owner

  • Q4

    What are the 6 stages of the SDLC

    Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, and Subtraction

    Project Initiation and Selection, Project Planning, Analysis, Logical and Physical design, Implementation and Maintenance

    Project Planning, Analysis, Implementation, Deployment, Training 

    Requirements Gathering, Use Case, Functional Design, Maintenance, Training 

  • Q5

    According to Frederick Brookes, what is the hardest part of building a software system?

    Deciding what to build

    Establishing the development team

    Getting the tool box open

    the SDLC process

  • Q6

    In what year was the Krispy Kreme invented?





  • Q7

    Out of the  stages of the SDLC, what  phase is the Project Planning Phase?





  • Q8

    What benefit would a technical project manager provide over a business-side project manager while working on a SDLC based project:

    The technical PM will be able to code

    The technical PM is nicer 

    The technical PM is able to communicate to the development team in a language they understand.

    The technical PM is less expensive 

  • Q9

    What are the three levels of software requirements according to Wieger's book:

    Business Requirement, User Requirement, and Functional Requirement

    Requirement Gathering Process, Stakeholder Meeting, Testing Phase

    Technical Document, Worflow, Visio

  • Q10

    What is the purpose of the testing phase:

    To check the quality analysts understanding of the software 

    To oversee the application and infrastructure planning, testing and development 

    To ensure the requirements phase is documented correctly by the business analysts

    To ensure that the software meets the requirements and specifications set out in the design phase. 

  • Q11

    Out of all the deliverables in the SDLC Process, what is the most important?

    Planning and Initiation Phase

    Delivery of Implementation

     Delivery of Software Requirements

    Sprint Planning 

  • Q12

    Who wrote the note to Sammy about Ron?

    Snookie and Jenny


    Pauly and Vinny



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