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Chapter 6: Imperialism

Quiz by Kevin Singh

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24 questions
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  • Q1
    The belief that a nation should stay out of the affairs of other nations
  • Q2
    Expanding a nation's economic or territorial control
  • Q3
    Arrived in Tokyo, Japan with with four powerful warships and a letter from President Millard Fillmore. He ended Japan's 250 year isolation.
    Commodore Matthew Perry
  • Q4
    After Matthew Perry arrived with a fleet of warships in 1854, Japan opened two ports to American trading ships.
    Treaty of Kanagawa
  • Q5
    Extending a nation's rule over other countries
  • Q6
    Secretary of State William H. Seward arranged for the United States to buy Alaska from Russia for $7.2 million. It was a great bargain for a territory twice the size of Texas. Seward wanted to expand the United States.
    The Purchase of Alaska (Who - When - Why)
  • Q7
    She became queen of Hawaii in 1891 and tried to regain control of her islands. In response, American planters forced Liliuokalani from power.
    Queen Liliuokalani
  • Q8
    A temporary government
    Provisional Government
  • Q9
    To add to your own territory through conquest
  • Q10
    American planters rebelled and created a provisional government in Hawaii. Native Hawaiians rejected the American government. In 1900 America annexed Hawaii and it became a Territory.
    American Annexation of Hawaii
  • Q11
    Samoa allowed the Americans to build a naval station at Pago Pago, Samoa. Without consulting the Samoans, the Americans annexed their portion of Samoa.
    American Annexation of Samoa
  • Q12
    Section of a country in which a foreign nation enjoys special rights and powers
    Sphere of Influence
  • Q13
    It gave each nation rights to trade freely in each other's sphere of influence.
    John Hay's Open Door Policy (China)
  • Q14
    Sensational, biased, and often false reporting
    Yellow Journalism
  • Q15
    The sinking of the USS Maine was blamed mostly on the Spanish. Even though they had no part in the incident.
    Explosion of the USS Maine

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