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Chapter 6 The Enlightenment

Quiz by Cam McLaughlin

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34 questions
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  • Q1

    What was the Enlightenment?

    The movement that stressed reason, thought, and the power of the individual to solve problems 

    The movement that gave rights to working class people in England

    The belief that monarchs received their authority from God

    The movement that created electric lights for large cities in England 

  • Q2

    The large  set of books that contained scholarly articles and essays about the ideas of the Enlightenment were published by _________________________

    John Locke 

    Baron von Montesquieu 


    Denis Diderot

  • Q3

    Which of the following was a way American colonists were developing a new sense of identity?

    Americans began to speak English 

    The British required Americans to get new Passports

    They all had new Driver's Licenses 

    Each colony had its own government

  • Q4

    The Leviathan was a book by ____________________ that expressed his views about the importance of an absolute monarch and the social contract

    Jean Jacques Rousseau 


    John Locke 

    Thomas Hobbes

  • Q5

    Monarchs who embraced the ideas of the _____________________ were known as Enlightened Despots

    Divine Right of Kings


    Magna carta 

    Scientific Revolution 

  • Q6

    Americans were upset by the _______________ because we had no representation in Parliament 

    The Declaration of Independence 

    Proclamation of 1763

    The Articles of Confederation 

    Stamp Act

  • Q7

    What was the Social Contract?

    The unwritten behavior agreement between people on social media

    The unwritten laws that state how you and your friends should act at parties

    The agreement between Church and State 

    The agreement between a government and the people it governed

  • Q8

    Frederick the Great ruled ________________ from 1740-1786





  • Q9

    Violating the social contract is what the Americans  accused ____________  of to justify their rebellion 

    George Washington

    Catherine the Great 

    Louis XVI 

    King George III

  • Q10

    All people are born with three natural rights according to _________________

    John Locke

    Thomas Hobbes



  • Q11

    Russia was ruled by ___________________ from 1762-1796

    Louis XVI 

    Frederick the Great

    Catherine the Great

    Joseph II 

  • Q12

    A government in which its citizens rule through __________________ is known as a republic 

    Direct democracy 

    Drawing straws 

    A dictator 

    Elected representatives 

  • Q13

    John Locke stated that the duty of a government is to protect the rights of its people, and if they did not, the people had the right to _______________ 

    Overthrow the government 

    Immigrate to another country 

    Kill the King

    do nothing 

  • Q14

    Catherine to expand Russia south took the Black Sea from the ______________

    Ottoman Empire




  • Q15

    What was the name of the loose confederation of states thatwas America’s first national government?

    The Articles of Confederation 

    The Confederate States of America 

    The Third Reich 

    The First American Republic 


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