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Chapter 6 Vocabulary

Quiz by Alex Miscavage

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32 questions
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  • Q1
    Mountain people from the Carolinas who formed a militia and killed or captured about 1,000 British-led Loyalist troops. The militia was angered by British threats to join their side or be killed and their homes destroyed.
    Battle of Kings Mountain
  • Q2
    Patriot victory against General Burgoyne that changed the tide of the war. It stopped the 3 prong battle plan by the British to cut off New England from the middle colonies by capturing the Hudson River.
    Battle of Saratoga
  • Q3
    1781 battle that sealed the Patriot victory against the British. The French fleet and Continental Army pinned General Cornwallis until he surrendered on October 19th.
    Battle of Yorktown
  • Q4
    actions used to keep a country or area from communicating and trading with other nations or areas; to close off a country's ports.
  • Q5
    person/persons who leave without permission or intent to come back.
  • Q6
    German mercenaries who fought for the British; named after the region they came from.
  • Q7
    Surprise attack by Patriots as British soldiers moved through the countryside. They would ambush the British and then disappear.
    Hit and run tactic
  • Q8
    When it takes more and more money to buy the same amount of goods; increase of the price of goods and services.
  • Q9
    A privately owned merchant ship outfitted with weapons. The goal was to capture enemy merchant ships and cargo.
  • Q10
    Signed on September 3, 1783. Great Britain recognized the United States as an independent nation and promised to withdraw all troops from American territory. The U.S. promised to repay British merchants what is owed to them.
    Treaty of Paris
  • Q11
    Patriot camp 20 miles west of Philadelphia where General Washington and his men spent the winter of 1777-1778. The Continental Army barely survived the brutal conditions. The troops lacked food, clothing, shelter, and medicine.
    Valley Forge
  • Q12
    Virginia's royal governor who promised freedom to African Americans who joined the British cause.
    Lord Dunmore
  • Q13
    Also known as Molly Pitcher. She would carry water pitchers to soldiers and was also rumored to have taken part in combat.
    Mary L.H. McCauley
  • Q14
    She fought in the American Revolution when she disguised herself as a man.
    Deborah Sampson
  • Q15
    British general in charge of the troops in New York during the revolution. He also captured Philadelphia in 1777.
    General William Howe

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