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Chapter 8 Real Trouble

Quiz by Linda Davis

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6 questions
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  • Q1

    What evidence supports the inference that Ally is having a troublesome day?

    Question Image

    It's easy. I lie. It's just boring. 

    "When I was younger, I loved math."

    But the day turns into a wooden nickel day at snack time, when Mr. Daniels call me up to his desk.

    "I love math. And art. I like to draw"

  • Q2

    What evidence supports the inference that Ally is nervous ?

    But I figure Mr. Daniels probably alreay knows this about me, so I nod.

    I point at my paper. I asked lots of question there. 

    “My stomach flop over.”

    I like math. And art. I like to draw.

  • Q3

    What evidence in the text supports the inference that Mr. Daniel is supportive?

    Finally, he says, C'mon now. Can you write that paragraph for me.

    “Also, he says moving his head to look me in the eye, I’m on your side, okay. I want to help you.”

    He laughs a little. 'What do you like about school?"

    I'm  wondering if you can write just one paragraph for me.

  • Q4

    What does Ally struggle with in school?

    writing and math

    reading and drawing

    math and drawing

    reading and writing

  • Q5

    What does it mean to have a "wooden nickel day?"

    to have an awesome day

    to have  a great day.

    To have a bad day

    to have an exciting day.

  • Q6

    What does Mr. Daniels call the students?

    star learners 



    great students


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