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Chapter 8 Sub-Saharan Africa

Quiz by Peter Duesterbeck

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43 questions
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  • Q1
    What are griots?
    government policies
    protest musicians
    traditional storytellers
    percussion instruments
  • Q2
    What are vaccines?
    treatments to increase resistance to disease
    cures for deadly infectious disease
    medicines to ease the symptoms of disease
    cleaners to kill disease-causing germs
  • Q3
    What does an ethnobotanist study?
    the relationship between cultures and plants
    the class systems of various cultures
    the languages of indigenous cultures
    the methods of transportation cultures use
  • Q4
    Why has Nigeria had a history of conflict since it gained independence?
    It is located between two nations that are at war.
    It has oil resources that neighboring countries want.
    It is divided among three major ethnic groups.
    It has had to fight to gain access to the ocean.
  • Q5
    What do many traditional healers use to treat people?
    hypnotic suggestion
    imported drugs
    dietary change
    medicinal plants
  • Q6
    What is a pandemic?
    a disease that is spread by insects
    a disease that spread over a large area
    an outbreak of disease in a particular community
    an outbreak of disease in tropical regions
  • Q7
    What is one of the main problems with the borders that Europeans established in Africa?
    They divided some cultural groups and grouped some rivals together.
    They blocked British colonies from the ocean.
    They crossed to many rivers and lakes.
    They made it very difficult for French colonists to transport resources.
  • Q8
    How has the history of West Africa been preserved?
    colonists wrote it down.
    Griots passed it down through generations
    Wall paintings in tombs portrayed it.
    Ancient books recorded it.
  • Q9
    Why did the government of Kenya establish national parks and reserves?
    The scenic beauty and wildlife attract tourists
    Officials rent the lands to poor farmers.
    The army uses them for training grounds
    Industry needs to mine the mineral resources there.
  • Q10
    Why haven't African nations benefited fore from their mineral wealth?
    They did not discover the minerals until very recently.
    Corrupt governments took much of the profits from mining.
    People with traditional beliefs oppose digging the land.
    A lack of universities led to a shortage of engineers.
  • Q11
    How did farming in Africa change after colonization?
    People switched from growing grain to raising livestock.
    Villages farmed as a community to feed everyone.
    People began to grow cash crops rather than food crops
    Colonial rulers distributed the land more fairly.
  • Q12
    What did South Africa experience for the first time in 1994?
    an election in which all races could vote
    the elimination of the economic gap between races
    a system that separated people by race.
    protests against racism by a black political group
  • Q13
    What term is used for a country in which government, economic institutions, and civil order have broken down?
    federal system
    failed system
    clan system
    military state
  • Q14
    Before Europeans colonized Africa, how did African cultural groups define their borders?
    map lines
    wooden fences
    climate patterns
    natural features
  • Q15
    What office was Jomo Kenyatta the first Kenyan to fill?
    delegate to the East Africa Community
    minister of education
    superintendent of national parks
    nationally elected leader

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