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Chapter 8 Vocabulary

Quiz by Kari Limbert

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33 questions
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  • Q1
    social stratification
    The existence of structured inequalities between groups in society in terms of their access to material or symbolic rewards.
  • Q2
    structured inequalities
    Social inequalities that result from patterns in the social structure.
  • Q3
    A form of social stratification in which some people are owned by others as their property.
  • Q4
    A social system in which one's social status is held for life.
  • Q5
    class systems
    A system of social hierarchy that allows individuals to move among classes: four bases wealth, occupation, income, and education.
  • Q6
    Socioeconomic variations among groups of individuals that create variations in their material prosperity and power.
  • Q7
    Money received from paid wages and salaries or earned from investments.
  • Q8
    Money and material possessions held by and individual or group.
  • Q9
    means of production
    The means whereby the production of material goods is carried on in a society, including not just technology but also the social relations between producers.
  • Q10
    People who own companies, land, or stocks shares and use these to generate economic returns.
  • Q11
    surplus value
    In Marxist theory, the value of a worker's labor power left over when an employer has repaid the cost of hiring the worker.
  • Q12
    The social honor or prestige a particular group is accorded by other members of a society.
  • Q13
    pariah groups
    Groups who suffer from negative status discrimination-they are looked down on by most other members of society.
  • Q14
    contradictory class locations
    Positions in the class structure, particularly routine white-collar and lower managerial jobs, that share characteristics with the class positions both above and below them.
  • Q15
    upper class
    A social class broadly composed of the more affluent members of society, especially those who have inherited wealth, own businesses, or hold large numbers of stocks.

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