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Chapter 9 Review

Quiz by Jennah Goedeke

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    What program created new jobs and improved the economy in the 1930s?
    New Deal
    Dust Bowl
    Stock Market Crash
    Great Depression
  • Q2
    Who was Lyndon B. Johnson?
    Texan who opposed Roosevelt's New Deal
    a worker in the Works Progress
    a Texan who ran a New Deal program and later became president of the United States
    a banker who lost money in the stock market crash
  • Q3
    Discrimination is
    a bill Franklin D. Roosevelt passes
    another name for when the stock market crashed
    another name for the New Deal program
    the unequal treatment of people
  • Q4
    Doris Miller defended his ship by shooting at Japanese planes and received the _____ _______ for his bravery.
    Purple Heart
    Navy Cross
    summer of
    Navy Bonus
  • Q5
    Lieutenant Audie received 33 awards, citations and decorations for personally stopping ______________________
    a invasion of Japanese planes
    an attack by enemy tanks
    a person from drowning
    a plane from landing on his boat
  • Q6
    Civil Rights are _____________________________________________
    the children work rights
    the rights for women
    the right to vote
    the rights of people to enjoy freedom and equality
  • Q7
    What is communism?
    a system in which the government owns all the property in a country.
    the common bills people paid
    the common restaurant for people to go to
    the time people spent with the people they had things in common with
  • Q8
    What is a stock?
    a time when business slows and prices fall
    money left over
    a share of ownership in a company.
    an organization that helps people in need
  • Q9
    Why did people buy stock in American companies during the Roaring Twenties?
    People knew the stock market would crash
    people wanted to earn money from thriving American companies
    people wanted free money
    people wanted a place to keep their money safe.
  • Q10
    In what ways was life in Texas as impacted by World War l.
    Texans volunteered to cut down on sugar and meat everyday to help feed soldiers.&Many families grew their own vegetables that way more canned food would be sent to the soldiers.
    people followed a plan set out by the United States Food Administration
    women went to work in factories.

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