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Chapter Review: WEATHER

Quiz by Lori Stroud

Grade 8
Science (2016)
Indiana Academic Standards

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25 questions
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  • Q1

    Which type of weather occurrence is shown in the figure?

    Question Image

    stationary front

    cold front

    occluded front

    warm front

  • Q2

    Why are there fewer molecules of air up in the mountains?

    because air pressure is the same throughout all layers of the atmosphere

    because air pressure increases as you go higher

    because air pressure decreases as you go higher

    because air is too heavy

  • Q3

    Weather refers to the state of the atmosphere__________.

    at a specific time and place

    over a long period of time

    over a short period of time

    at a specific temperature

  • Q4

    How do isobars help meteorologists predict weather?

    They help meteorologists tell how fast wind is blowing by noting the distance between the isobars on a weather map.

    They help meteorologists determine the daily temperature and wind direction.

    They help meteorologists see areas of equal temperature.

    They help meteorologists predict dry weather.

  • Q5

    Force exerted on an area is called __________.





  • Q6

    Why are these two systems showing how wind is formed?

    Question Image

    The show downdrafts during hurricanes.

    They show the rotation of Earth.

    They show how differences in air pressure produce air movement.

    They show the clockwise motion of air during storms.

  • Q7

    What is a person called who studies the weather?



    weather forecaster


  • Q8

    What element of air determines its temperature?

    the direction of air molecules

    the average motion of air molecules

    the composition of air molecules

    the arrangement of air molecules

  • Q9

    What does symbol A on the figure represent?

    Question Image

    cloud cover


    change in barometric pressure

    wind speed and direction

  • Q10

    What is the cause of the strong winds associated with thunderstorms?

    rain-cooled air

    strong updrafts of warm, moist air and downdrafts of rain-cooled air

    strong updrafts of dry air

    weak updrafts of warm, moist air

  • Q11

    What is the difference between a tornado and a hurricane?

    They are the same things.

    Tornadoes happen during winter and hurricanes happen in the summer.

    Tornadoes occur over water and hurricanes occur over land.

    Tornadoes occur over land and hurricanes occur over water.

  • Q12

    What do the arrows on this figure represent?

    Question Image

    storm conditions around the world

    wind speed and direction

    relative direction and temperature of the winds

    forces of climate change

  • Q13

    If a weather map has a symbol that shows a circle with the letter H in the middle, what is it referring to?

    high pressure

    high temperature

    high precipitation

    humid weather

  • Q14

    How can lightning occur during a storm?

    Converging fronts collide.

    The atmospheric pressure suddenly rises.

    Different parts of a cloud become oppositely charged and current flows between them.

    The relative humidity drops.

  • Q15

    When the temperature reaches its ____, snow, rain, or hail is likely to form.

    evaporation point

    relative humidity

    saturation point

    dew point


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