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  • Q1
    Which of the following is one of the effects of overreaching on hormonal markers?
    • decreased resting concentrations of testosterone
    • concentrations of LH increased
    • increased resting concentration of IGF-I decreased resting
    • resting concentrations of LH
  • Q2
    The primary structural component of all connective tissue is which of the following?
    • monocytes
    • osteoblasts
    • collagen fibers
    • Type lla fibers
  • Q3
    All of the following hormones elevate within the first 15-30 minutes after exercise in men EXCEPT
    • epinephrine
    • growth hormone
    • cortisol
    • testosterone
  • Q4
    Which of the following is NOT acutely affected by an anaerobic exercise?
    • heart rate
    • diastolic blood pressure
    • stroke volume
    • systolic blood pressure
  • Q5
    Acute anaerobic exercise results in increases in all of the following EXCEPT
    • blood flow to active muscles.
    • cardiac output.
    • oxygen uptake.
    • diastolic blood pressure
  • Q6
    Karen has been training with resistances for three years. How has her body changed as a result of her training?
    • increased mitochondrial density
    • increased body fat percentage
    • increased fat free mass
    • decreased force production
  • Q7
    Which of the following is FALSE about adaptations to heavy resistance training?
    • Muscle and blood pH increase.
    • There is no change or a decrease in capillary density
    • Mitochondrial density decreases.
    • Bodybuilding workouts produce high blood lactate concentrations.
  • Q8
    Which of the following terms best describes excessive training on a short-term basis?
    • hypertrophy training
    • overtraining
    • overreaching
    • overloading
  • Q9
    Which of the following statements is FALSE?
    • The principle of progressive overload applies to training increased bone mass
    • Increases in muscle strength can cause increases in BMD
    • Structural exercises direct force vectors through the spine and hip
    • Directly loading specific regions of the skeleton should be avoided.
  • Q10
    Which of the following is NOT an effect of overtraining?
    • emotional disturbances
    • increased muscle glycogen
    • altered immune function
    • decreased motor coordination
  • Q11
    The recruitment and decruitment of motor units in an orderly manner are governed by which of the following?
    • size principle
    • overload principle
    • law of mass actions
    • all-or-none principle
  • Q12
    Increases in maximal strength and power in the agonist muscles result from which of the following? l. increased recruitment Il. firing rate Ill. synchronization of firing Iand
    • I , Il and Ill
    • Il and lll
    • I and ll
  • Q13
    If Stan lifts weights with his right arm while his left arm is in cast, his left arm will benefit due to which of the following?
    • There is no benefit.
    • unilateral transfer
    • cross-education
    • crossfit
  • Q14
    Mechanical loading results in migrating to the bone surface for remodeling.
    • osteoblasts
    • osteocytes
    • MES
    • erythrocytes
  • Q15
    The process of hypertrophy involves an increase in which of the following? I. actin Il. myosin Ill. the number of myofibrils
    • I and II
    • Il and Ill, I
    • Il, and lll

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