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  • Q1
    At which location can connective tissues increase strength and load-bearing capacity?
    • mitochondria
    • osteocytes
    • hormone receptor sites
    • body of the tendon
  • Q2
    Compared to muscle metabolism, tendon metabolism is much slower due to which of the following?
    • constant tension on tendons
    • poorer vascularity and circulation
    • close proximity to bones
    • fewer mitochondria
  • Q3
    Peak power is maximized during the squat jump with loads of ----%of the 1 RM squat .
    • 30-60
    • 50-60
    • 30-75
    • 80-95
  • Q4
    The threshold stimulus at which new bone formation is initiated is called
    • minimal essential strain
    • peak bone mass
    • critical loading
    • cross-linking
  • Q5
    Which of the following is the primary stimulus for growth of tendons and ligaments?
    • repetition
    • recovery time
    • speed of movement
    • mechanical force

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