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Chapters 10 and 11 A Long Walk to Water

Quiz by Victoria Krout

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Why didn't Salva give his water to the dying men in the desert?
    They wouldn't take it from a child.
    He wouldn't survive because he was too small and not strong enough.
    He was out of water.
    He chose not to because he knew he would be thirsty.
  • Q2
    As Salva moves closer to the refugee camp in Ethiopia, what concern does he discuss with his uncle?
    He doesn't want to get sick like some of the other refugees.
    He doesn't know how his parents will find him there or how he'll get back to his village.
    How ill he eat there?
    He is worried about the rebels recruiting him.
  • Q3
    What does Uncle Jewiir report has happened to the village of Loun-Ariik?
    All villagers have been captured are hostages of the rebel army.
    The people there are starving.
    The village was attacked and probably burned with very few survivors.
    The villagers have all escaped and are now in a refugee camp.
  • Q4
    What food does Salva's group find and roast in the desert?
    3 snakes
    A dead stork
    A camel
    various plants
  • Q5
    Infer why the 6 men that the group encountered shot Uncle Jewiir.
    He was a leader and was armed so he could be a threat to them.
    He called them names as they tormented the group.
    They didn't want the group to make it to Ethiopia, and they thought they couldn't make it without their leader.
    He was hiding treasures after they looted the group.
  • Q6
    Why is Nya puzzled about the men who are visiting her village?
    They are angry with her family.
    They talk about unusual foreign beliefs and customs.
    She doesn't understand why they think they can find water on such dry land.
    They don't seem to like children.
  • Q7
    How did Salva feel after Uncle's death?
    He feels as though he should now be the leader of the group.
    afraid of everything
    relieved that he is still alive
  • Q8
    The group treated Salva poorly after Uncle Jewiir's death.
  • Q9
    What promise did Salva make to himself at the refugee camp?
    He would escape and head back to Loun-Ariik alone.
    He would make new friends so he wasn't so lonely.
    He would always have food, even if he had to take it from others.
    If his family was there, he would find them.
  • Q10
    At the end of Chapter 11, Salva sees a vivid spot of orange. What does he believe it is?
    a fresh fruit stand
    his brother's baseball cap
    Uncle Jewiir's army uniform
    his mother's wearing her headscarf

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