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Chapters 1-5

Quiz by Greta Cameron

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15 questions
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  • Q1
    Where does Matilda live?
    New York
  • Q2
    Who is Silas?
    a free black man who helps with the running of the family business
    a businessman and friend of Matilda's grandfather
    a cat that lives with Matilda
    a character in Matilda's favorite book
  • Q3
    What historical event sparked an increase in Matilda's family business?
    All the businesses near the water had to close due to the fever, making people come further into the city.
    Someone was murdered just outside the front door, bringing lots of press, gossip, and business.
    George Washington built his home a few blocks away.
    A huge battle took place during the War of Independence right outside the business, making it a historical landmark.
  • Q4
    What business does Matilda's family own?
    a dry goods store
    a small printing shop
    a restaurant
    a coffeehouse
  • Q5
    What happened to Matilda's father?
    He was killed by the fever.
    He died when he fell off a ladder and broke his neck.
    He moved to another city to try and open a business in another location.
    He went bankrupt and was put in a prison for people who owed debt.
  • Q6
    Who is King George?
    an old friend of Matilda's grandfather
    a parrot won in a card game
    a horse that Matilda's grandfather loses while gambling
    the new king of Great Britain who want to regain control in America
  • Q7
    What is Eliza's living situation like?
    Her husband was able to buy her out of slavery, making her a free black woman. She is still treated differently than white people, but is free.
    Her husband was able to buy her out of slavery, making her a free black woman. She is treated with the same respect as white people.
    She's a slave owned by Matilda's family and is happy with her life since they treat her with respect and kindness.
    She is a slave owned by Matilda's family. She is trying to buy her way out of slavery.
  • Q8
    What future does Matilda dream of for herself?
    She wants to move to the country where she can enjoy the scenery and fresh air.
    She wants to take over the family business and eventually pass it on to her children.
    She wants to travel to Francey and one day own several businesses of her own.
    She wants to be married to a rich and noble gentleman.
  • Q9
    Why doesn't Polly show up for work?
    She was too busy flirting with Matthew, the blacksmith's son.
    She died overnight due to a fever.
    She hears rumor about the fever and is too scared to leave the house.
    Her parents decided she is to marry a wealthy man who can support her.
  • Q10
    Describe the atmosphere at Matilda's family business in the afternoon.
    The business is closed to clean up from the lunch crowd and prepare for the upcoming dinner crowd.
    The business is full of children wanting after school snacks.
    The business has slowed down since most people are at work.
    The business is packed with people talking about politics and news.
  • Q11
    What rumor is circulating through the city?
    A fever is plaguing people, and it is originating from the area around the docks.
    The market is suffering because the weather has been so dry.
    The British people are planning another attack.
    Matilda will soon be married to Nathaniel Benson.
  • Q12
    Why is Matilda's mother thinking of sending her to live with a family friend in the country?
    Her mother cannot support her any longer due to the rising cost of owning a business.
    Her mother is afraid that Matilda will catch the fever and die if she stays in the city.
    Her mother is worried Matilda will try to run off with Nathaniel Benson.
    Her mother is tired of Matilda's attitude and laziness and wants to punish her.
  • Q13
    How does Matilda's mother feel about the boy Matilda has a crush on?
    She things he is going nowhere in life and is therefore not a suitable match.
    She thinks he is too easily angered and may end up hurting her daughter.
    She fears he is too old for her daughter and will die much sooner than Matilda.
    She likes him and thinks he is a good match.
  • Q14
    Aside from telling the time, why do the church bells ring?
    to signify someone has just given birth
    to signify someone has just been married
    to signify that another person has died
    to signify the start of another church service
  • Q15
    How is the community dealing with the many deaths that have been occurring?
    They are all fleeing to the country to avoid the possibility of death and the city is becoming abandoned.
    People are very sad and upset, wearing all black to show they are in mourning.
    They are trying to find doctors from other cities to help treat people and figure out a cure for the fever.
    Many people don't believe a fever is spreading. They say those who are dying are sinners or the deaths are just a coincidence.

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