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Chapters 17-23

Quiz by Bernice Broussard

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19 questions
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  • Q1
    What were the qualifications for astronaut candidate?
    shorter than six feet tall, weigh 170 pounds, be a pilot, have a bachelor's degree
    five feet ten inches tall, weight 150 pounds, be a pilot, have a master's degree
    shorter than five feet eleven inches high, weigh under 180 pounds, be qualified as test pilots and have at least a bachelor's degree
    six feet high, weight at least 190 pounds, be a pilot, have a master's degree
  • Q2
    What did Virginia governor Lindsay Almond do to prevent the integration of schools?
    He fired all the black teachers
    He sent students to schools in neighboring states
    He closed public schools that attempted to integrate.
    He called in the National Guard
  • Q3
    What was the nickname for the first class of astronauts?
    Astronauts 1
    NASA's Astronauts
    First-Class Astronauts
    the Mercury Seven
  • Q4
    What was the name of NASA's first manned space program?
    Project Saturn
    Project Mercury
    First in Space
    Project Lunar
  • Q5
    How many equations were required to determine the trajectory of a space launch?
    Twenty-two principal equations and nine error equations
    Thirty-six principal equations and fifteen error equations
    Twenty principal equations and five error equations
    Fifteen principal equations and thirteen error equations
  • Q6
    In what field did Christine Darden earn a doctorate degree?
    mechanical engineering
    chemical engineering
  • Q7
    By 1960, how many boys took part in the All-American Soap Box Derby?
  • Q8
    In 1960, to where did NASA move its space program headquarters?
    Houston, Texas
    Richmond, Virginia
    Atlanta, Georgia
    Los Angeles, California
  • Q9
    What did Mary Jackson help her son Levi design?
    a space ship
    a car for the local soap box derby
    a miniature ship
    a naval yard
  • Q10
    What happened at the Soap Box Derby race?
    Levi Jackson tied in the Soap Box Derby race.
    Levi Jackson lost the race.
    Levi Jackson won the race becoming the first African-American to qualify for the national race.
    Levi Jackson did not enter the Soap Box Derby race.
  • Q11
    What television program premiered in 1966 and featured a multi-raceal crew on a peace-keeping mission of deep-space exploration?
    Galaxy 500
    Star Trek
    Star Wars
    Search for the Stars
  • Q12
    Who became president of the United States in 1961?
    John F. Kennedy
    Thomas Jefferson
    Richard Nixon
    Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • Q13
    Who worked on calculating the flight trajectories and landing coordinates for the space flights during Project Mercury?
    Dorothy Vaughan
    Vivian Mitchell
    Mary Jackson
    Katherine Goble
  • Q14
    What caused massive layoffs at Langley during the 1970's?
    budget cuts
    not enough qualified personnel
    the end of the Apollo missions, the high cost of the space program and the Vietnam conflict
    too many explosions
  • Q15
    What space mission landed men on the moon for the first time?
    Mercury 1
    Apollo 13
    Mercury 3
    Apollo 11

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