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Chapters 19-24 Review

Quiz by Danielle Hennigan

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27 questions
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  • Q1
    What kept happening when he put his left hand on the Bible?
    It laid on top of the bible with no issue
    Tom hid the bible
    It slipped off; it was useless.
  • Q2
    What had Tom been in trouble for in the past and received a misdemeanor conviction?
    Breaking and Entering
    disorderly conduct-he fought with a man who had tried to cut him
  • Q3
    Who did Tom Robinson work for?
    Bob Ewell
    Link Deas-picking cotton
  • Q4
    As Tom gave his testimony, what did Scout realize about Mayella?
    She must've been the loneliest person in the world.-White people didn't want anything to do with her because she lived among pig; Negros didn't because she was white.
    She made the whole thing up
    She was telling the truth
  • Q5
    grabbed him around the waist and hugged him- kissed him on the side of the face
    What did Mayella do once she had lured Tom into the house?
  • Q6
    What had Bob Ewell done when he found Mayella and Tom?
    He threatened to kill Mayella.
    He threatens to kill Tom
    Tom fights Bob
  • Q7
    What did Tom Robinson do?
    stayed to be arrested
    ran away
    fought Bob
  • Q8
    When Mr. Gilmer asked Tom Robinson why he had done so much free work for Mayella, what was Tom's response?
    He felt sorry for her.
    He liked Mayella back
    He was actually paid
  • Q9
    Why did Dill start crying in the courtroom?
    He hated the way Mr. Gilmer talked to Tom, calling him "boy." This shows the theme of racism.
    He and Scout got into a fight
    He hurt himself
  • Q10
    Jem and Scout thought Mr. Dolphus drank alcohol from his paper bag-hidden bottle, but what was he drinking?
    Coca Cola
  • Q11
    Mr. Dolphus explained why he pretended to secretly drink whiskey. What was his reason?
    to give people a reason to explain to themselves why he lives the way he lives (having children with a black woman)
    His wife asked him to do this
    He liked lying to people
  • Q12
    What did Atticus say there was important evidence to remember?
    Tom Robinson loved Mayella
    Mayella is a liar
    Mayella was beaten savagely by someone who was left handed (Bob Ewell)
  • Q13
    At the end of Ch. 20, who came up to the front of the court with a note for Atticus?
    Aunt Alexandra
    Heck Tate
  • Q14
    What did Rev. Sykes tell Jem he had never seen?
    A black man accused of a crime he didn't commit
    a jury decide in favor of a colored man over a white man
    A white man defending a black man
  • Q15
    What does a jury never do to a defendant it has convicted?
    Announce that he is innocent
    Call Tom names
    looks at him: not one of the jurors looked at Tom Robinson when they came in

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