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Chapters 7&8: Islam

Quiz by Colleen Machut

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20 questions
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  • Q1
    Match the following terms with their definitions.
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  • Q2
    What is Islam?
    A place
    A religion
    A God
  • Q3
    What does "Muslim" mean?
    "Muslim" is the name for people who believe in the religion of Islam
    "Muslim" is the name of a country where Islam exists.
    "Muslim" is the name for a religion that was founded by Muhammad
  • Q4
    Where did Islam originate (start)?
    The country of Persia
    The city of Mecca in the Arabian Peninsula
    The city of Medina in the Arabian peninsula
  • Q5
    Where does the religion of Islam exist today?
    Islam exists only in Mecca on the Arabian Peninsula
    Islam exists only in the Middle East
    Islam has spread to many parts of the world. People in many different places believe in Islam.
  • Q6
    Where do Muslims live today?
    Muslims live only in Mecca
    Muslims can live anywhere in the world.
    Muslims live only in Medina
  • Q7
    Islam still exists
  • Q8
    Match the term with its definition.
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  • Q9
    Match the term with its definition.
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  • Q10
    How many Gods do Muslims believe in?
    No Gods
    One God (monotheism)
    Many Gods (polytheism)
  • Q11
    Match each location with the miracle that happened there.
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  • Q12
    What do Muslims believe happened in the miracle of the Night Journey?
    Muhammad met the Angel Gabrielle for the first time.
    The river Zamzam came up out of the desert, saving Abraham and his family.
    A spider web, tree, and bird appeared at the mouth of the cave where Muhammad was hiding, so his enemies thought he wasn't there.
    Muhammad travelled on a winged horse through the seven layers of heaven and went to Jerusalem.
  • Q13
    Why did Muhammad and his followers leave Mecca to go to Medina?
    Muhammad and his followers liked the weather better in Medina
    Medina was the location of the Ka'bah. They needed to take the Ka'bah back.
    They were being persecuted and boycotted by people in Mecca who did not like what Muhammad was preaching (Islam)
  • Q14
    The first Pillar of Islam is that Muslims declare their faith. What two beliefs to they declare (say) before they pray daily?
    1. There is one God (Allah) and 2. Muhammad is the messenger (prophet) of God.
    1. Muhammad was an honest man. 2. Muslims can worship anywhere.
    1. Mecca is a holy city 2. Hira Cave is where Muhammad learned he was a prophet.
  • Q15
    The third pillar of Islam is charity. What does this mean?
    Going without food or water during the daylight hours for a month.
    Giving. Muslims are expected to give at least 2.5 percent of their income to the poor.
    Praying five times a day.

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