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Chapters 9 and 10

Quiz by Edith Carley

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11 questions
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  • Q1
    Where is Memphis? (Look on the map on p4)
    In the South
    in the North
  • Q2
    What his is landlady (Vermieterin) called?
    Mrs Moss
    Mrs Ward
    Mrs Thompson
  • Q3
    What does Richard think of Mr Olin?
    He doesn't know if he can trust him.
    He's afraid of him.
    He admires him.
  • Q4
    Why do the white men want the two boys to fight, according to Richard?
    because they'll find it amusing
    because they are scared of the boys
    because there is a rivalry between the two factories
  • Q5
    Why doesn't Richard want to fight?
    because he doesn't want to take the white people's money
    because he would feel like he'd done something immoral
    because 5 dollars isn't enough money
  • Q6
    What happens when Richard and Harrison fight?
    They pretend to fight but don't really hurt eachother.
    They become uncontrollably angry.
    They fight until they fall over from exhaustion.
  • Q7
    What do we learn about civil rights in Memphis?
    Black people were forbidden from entering libraries.
    Black people weren't allowed to borrow books from the library.
    It was illegal for black people to read books.
  • Q8
    Who was H L Mencken?
    Richard's colleague
    a librarian
    an important American political and social writer
  • Q9
    Richard says he tried to look as "unbookish as possible" (page 98). What does unbookish mean?
    into reading books
  • Q10
    What effects do the books have on him?
    They help him to concentrate better at work.
    They help him to see everything from a new perspective.
    They give him nightmares.
  • Q11
    How does Richard's boss react when he tells them he's moving to the North?
    He supports him.
    He tells him going would be a mistake.
    He doubts Richard can lead a better life there.

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