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Characteristics of Motion

Quiz by margie oslen

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14 questions
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  • Q1
    What does speed measure?
    Question Image
    The rate at which an object speeds up
    The distance an object has traveled
    The rate at which an object slows down
    How fast an object is moving
  • Q2
    What is the formula to calculate speed?
    S = Final Velocity-Initial Velocity/time
    S=D x T
  • Q3
    If a total distance of 750 m is covered in a time interval of 25 s, the average speed is ______?
    18,750 m/s
    30 m/s
    33 m/s
    30 mph
  • Q4
    ______describes how fast something is going, whereas, __________ describes how fast something is going and in a certain direction
    speed, velocity
    rate, acceleration
    speed, acceleration
    rate, speed
  • Q5
    Which of the following is a measure of velocity?
    Question Image
    30 m/s
    30 South
    30 m/s South
  • Q6
    Which of the following does NOT change acceleration?
    speeding up
    changing direction
    slowing down
    constant velocity
  • Q7
    A small child spins around and around on a merry-go-round. Is the child accelerating?
    Question Image
  • Q8
    A sailboat sails down the James River due South at exactly 15 mph for 1 hour. Is the sailboat accelerating?
    Question Image
  • Q9
    The fastest car on Earth, a German-made Thrust SSC, would win every Nascar Race in America. If it takes 30 minutes to travel 380 miles, what is its speed?
    Question Image
    .42 m/s
  • Q10
    Which is NOT true about a reference point?
    It is used as a comparison
    It lets you see if something has moved
    It should be a moving object
    It should be a stationary object
  • Q11
    What is the formula for acceleration?
    A= (Final Velocity - Initial Velocity)
    A= D/T
    A= (Initial Velocity- Final Velocity)/Time
    A= (Final Velocity- Initial Velocity)/Time
  • Q12
    If a car is going 100 m/s and slows down to 50 m/s in 20 s, what is the rate of acceleration?
    25 m/s/s
    -2.5 m/s/s
    50 m/s
  • Q13
    An object in free fall has a constant acceleration of approximately:
    Question Image
    25 m/s
    9.8 m/s
    -10 m/s
    0 m/s
  • Q14
    A car can move from rest to 35 m/s in 5.0 seconds. It's acceleration is _________.
    none of the answers
    7 m/s/s
    5.0 m/s/s
    4/0 m/s/s

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