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  • Q1
    External motivation
    s the desire to complete goals because of someone or something around them.
    is the desire to complete goals because of internal satisfaction.
  • Q2
    A new student buys clothes that look just like the popular kids.
    To be accepted by the popular kids
    To gain prestige
    What's her motivation?
  • Q3
    Sam's grandfather passed away from lung cancer. Sam donated his allowance to cancer research.
    External Motivation
    Internal Motivation
  • Q4
    A candidate for mayor promises a new recreation center, even though the town doesn't have the money. The mayor's motivation is answer choices
    to run a budget defect
    to win potential voters
    to have a new recreation center
  • Q5
    Roberto's grandfather had been a drummer in his college marching band. In his college years, Roberto's father had played the tuba in his marching band. His mother had played clarinet alongside him. So, Roberto was determined to one day fulfill his destiny—to play the flute in his college marching band. What is Roberto's directly stated motivation?
    to be a leader at school
    to be a drummer
    to attend college
    to play in a marching band

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