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chazara Questions

Quiz by Rabbi Wolowik

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  • Q1
    why should no one go out on the night of מכת בכורות?
    once the destroyer is out he has full permission to kill anyone
    the mitzriyim will get so angry because of מכת בכורותthey may kill yidden
    it was a חק- hashem doesn’t need to give a reason
  • Q2
    why did ר' יוסף cry?
    he was crying for his תלמידים which may die
    he asked: are צדיקים so cheap that they get killed first?
    it was during a plague, he was worried he will die
  • Q3
    why would it be a good thing for צדיקים to die first?
    so they don’t see the suffering of their generation
    when people see the צדיקים dying they know its because of their עבירות and they will do תשובה
    so they get more reward in עולם הבא?
  • Q4
    what do we learn about travel from the פסוק: ואתם לא תצאו?
    come indoors before evening and go outside after it gets light
    you can travelat night as long as you left the city while it was light
    only travel with a group
  • Q5
    how does the גמרא refer to day?
    כי טוב
  • Q6
    why is day called כי טוב? 2 answers (not תוספות)
    its easier too see and there are more people around
    its good because there are no rbbers or שדים
    day is bright and warm
  • Q7
    what advice do the chachamim give that one should do during a plague?
    stay home
    no physical contact with another person
    constantly wash your hands
  • Q8
    when the gemora says ואומר what does it mean to say?
    the gemora is analizing the last פסוק
    the chachamim say an additional point
    and the פסוק says an additional source
  • Q9
    what detail does the passuk give about what one shoud do during a plague once they are indoors?
    go into your room and lock the door
    keep washing your hands
    lock the doors and windows
  • Q10
    what does the פסוק say, happens outside during a plague
    its easier to get the sickness and pass it to others
    people get killed
    the sun heals
  • Q11
    what does the פסוק say, happens inside during a plague
    people are afraid
    people are safe
    people need to daven
  • Q12
    what does "מאי ואומר" mean?
    what is learned from the additional source?
    why did he say it?
    what did he say?
  • Q13
    what would we not know if the torah only said the 1st passuk "ואיש לא תצא מפתח ביתו"
    that it also applies by night
    that the plague could also strike indoors
    that it also applies by day
  • Q14
    what do we learn out from the passuk "go into your room and lock the door" (לך עמי וכו)
    even indoors
    even by night
    even by day
  • Q15
    how do we learn about day if the possuk doesn’t mention "day"?
    in the same idea 2 psukim later It says "ביום ההוא" - on that day
    it is only talking about nigh - as the passuk does not say day
    unless the passsuk says night it is obviously talking about day

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