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Chemical Changes

Quiz by Carolina Carner

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17 questions
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  • Q1
    Which of the following correctly identifies a precipitate in a chemical reaction?
    Two substances are separated using an electrical current
    Two substances react in solution, forming a new substance which is a solid
    A substance decreases in volume
    Water condenses to form rain
  • Q2
    Which of the following identifies a chemical change?
    A piece of paper burning
    A piece of paper being cut in half
    A piece of paper being folded and unfolded
  • Q3
    An experiment was performed and the observations are listed. Which substance showed a chemical change?
    Question Image
    Substance 4
    Substance 1
    Substance 3
    Substance 2
  • Q4
    The elements sodium (Na) and chlorine (Cl) combine to form sodium chloride (NaCl). What must happen for NaCl to form? Use the information below and your knowledge of science to answer the question.
    Question Image
  • Q5
    A group of students conducted an experiment where they combine different substances together and record their observations which result from the combination. Use the information below and your knowledge of science to answer the question. What combination of substances shows the sign of a chemical change?
    Question Image
  • Q6
    Which of these is an example of a chemical change?
    A glass breaking
    A bike rusting
    Melting chocolate
    Water evaporating
  • Q7
    What type of change is occurring in the picture below?
    Question Image
  • Q8
    During a chemical change, -
    A pure substance is formed
    Substances can be physically separated
    A new substance with new properties is formed
    All substances keep their individual properties
  • Q9
    The teacher sets a marshmallow on fire. The marshmallow begins to turn black and release carbon dioxide gas. This is because –
    it is an example of a physical change.
    it is evidence that a new substance with new properties has formed.
    the state of matter of the marshmallow is changing.
    the properties of the marshmallow are not changing.
  • Q10
    A scientist spilled a couple of drops of dilute hydrocholric acid on a lab table. For safety purposes, scientists spilled some baking soda onto the spill. What observation would provide the best evidence of a chemical reaction?
    Some of the baking soda dissolved in the hydrochloric acid.
    The baking soda absorbed the hydrochloric acid.
    The baking soda and hydrochloric acid combined, and bubbles formed.
    The hydrochloric acid evaporated, leaving only the baking soda.
  • Q11
    Which of the following is NOT a chemical change
    An ice cube melting
    An egg frying
    A nail rusting
    A match burning
  • Q12
    Which table correctly identifies the changes taking place in the table?
    Question Image
  • Q13
    The student observed that the temperature changed from 25 degrees to 23 degrees Celsius when the solutions were combined and that a white substance rapidly formed and settled to the bottom of the container. What most likely happened to produce these results?
    Question Image
    One of the original compounds came out of solution.
    The solutions reacted chemically.
    Rapid evaporation of water occurred, leaving a solid.
    Some of the water froze into ice crystals.
  • Q14
    A student puts two different solutions into a test tube. When the substances touch each other a white substance forms that sinks to the bottom of the test tube. What kind of chemical change occurred?
    Production of a precipitate
    Change in temperature
    Production of a gas
  • Q15
    A nail sat outside for a year and it started to rust. What evidence is there that a chemical change has occurred?
    Color change
    Production of light
    Release of a gas
    Production of a precipiate

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