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Chemical Energy

Quiz by Aiden Ford

Grade 6-8
Next Generation Science Standards

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15 questions
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  • Q1
    What is energy
  • Q2
    What particles make up an atom?
    protons, the nucleus, and electrons
    Molecules, compounds and energy
    Ions, atoms, and elements
    protons, neutrons and electrons
  • Q3
    What charge do protons have?
    no charge
    Negative charge
    positive charge
  • Q4
    What charge do electrons have?
    no charge
    positive charge
    Negative charge
  • Q5
    What charge do neutrons have?
    no charge
    positive charge
    Negative charge
  • Q6
    What are ions?
    atoms with a charge, either positive or negative
    atoms with a negative charge
    atoms with a positive charge
    atoms with no charge
  • Q7
    Do neutral atoms have a charge?
  • Q8
    When an atom has a charge (and is called an ION, hope you got that one right!) what does it "want" to do?
    Atoms don't have brains so they don't want anything Ms. A. Duh.
    Bond with other atoms, like a magnet.
  • Q9
    Whats an element
    A substance with multiple atoms
    A substance with a single type of atom
    A substance with 1 proton.
  • Q10
    What determines the elemental name of an atom?
    The number of protons
    The number of neutrons
    The number of electrons
    The number of protons and neutrons
  • Q11
    What determines the atomic mass of an atom?
    The number of protons and neutrons
    the number of neutrons
    the number of electrons
    the number of Protons
  • Q12
    If I change the number of neutrons in an atom, and I create a different type of that element, what is it called?
    An ion
    An isotope
    A molecule
  • Q13
    Which list includes only PHYSICAL PROPERTIES
    Color, mass, shape, texture, density
    Texture, shape, volume, change in color
    Color, shape, flammability, texture, size
  • Q14
    What two things are you looking for when you are testing chemical properties?
    Does it produce gas, does it produce a smell.
    Does it change color, does it release gas.
    Does it react, and how does it react.
    Does it change color, does it form a solid.
  • Q15
    Whats a property?
    A trait you observe about a substance before and after testing for a reaction.
    This one's the wrong one too.
    A troll in the woods.
    A unicorn in the woods.

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