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Child Development Theorists

Quiz by Kathryn Crandall

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    When does emotional development begin in a baby?
    In the womb
    When they recognize their care giver.
    The day they are born
    2 days old
  • Q2
    Newborns prefer to look at and interact with the human face.
  • Q3
    Stranger anxiety is when someone comes to visit and
    the child clings to their parent
    the child appears afraid
    the child cries
    all of the above
  • Q4
    Building trust helps the baby to know that the world and the caregiver are comfortable and safe and that these things are good and can be depended upon describes
    Erickson’s stage of Trust vs. Mistrust
    Piaget's stage of trust
    Freud's oral stage
  • Q5
    An example of Parentese is:
    boo-boo, bot-bot, num-num
    "What are you doing? We don't do that!"
    “Who’s my li-i-ttle baybee? Are you my littlee baybee?

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