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Chinese New Year

Quiz by Veronica Siu

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  • Q1

    When is the first day of Chinese New Year?

    11 February, 2024. 

    10 February, every year. 

    11 February, every year. 

    10 February, 2024

  • Q2
    2024 is the year of which animal (Chinese zodiac sign)?
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  • Q3
    How long does the Chinese New Year celebration last?
    Question Image
    20 days
    3 days
    7 days
    15 days
  • Q4
    Which of the following is not a statutory holiday this Chinese New Year (CNY)?
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    1st day of CNY
    14 February, 2024
    4th day of CNY
    12 February, 2024
  • Q5

    Which flowers could you typically see during Chinese New Year in Hong Kong?

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  • Q6

    Which CNY home decorations do Chinese people commonly use?

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    Answer Image
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    Answer Image
  • Q7

    Ray is hosting a CNY party on Sunday. He asked Elaine, his domestic worker, to help with cooking on the day. By law, what must he do?

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    Allow rest on some other day within 1 month.

    Pay 5% more than the daily wage.

    Pay 50% more than the daily wage.

    Allow rest on some other day within 2 weeks.

  • Q8

    Which Cantonese phrase below means "Happy Chinese New Year"?

    Question Image

    san1 nin4 faai3 lok6

    gung1 hei2 faat3 choi4

    sam1 seung2 si6 sing4

    saang1 yat6 faai3 lok6

  • Q9

    What does the fish in "Lo Hei" (the prosperity toss dish) symbolise?

    Question Image

    Prosperous & Plentiful

    Eternal Youth

    Good Luck

    More Wealth

  • Q10

    What is the likeliest reason why Veronica does not give out lai-sees?

    Question Image

    She is not married.

    She is not nice.

    She is a bad Chinese.

    She is not yet 30 years old.

  • Q11

    Which is the safest answer if your employer asks you to clean the outside of the window?

    Question Image

    Crisscross the windows with masking tape

    Use a long-length window wiper, gloves & ladder.

    Tell them to stop being lazy this year and clean the windows themselves.

    Cover the windows with fai-chun.

  • Q12

    Which country does not celebrate Chinese New Year with an official holiday?

    Question Image
    Phillippines 🇵🇭
    Vietnam 🇻🇳
    South Korea 🇰🇷

    India 🇮🇳

  • Q13

    Which day is recently declared a non-working day for Chinese New Year in the Phillippines?

    Last day of CNY

    CNY Eve

    4th day of CNY

    1st day of CNY

  • Q14

    In Japan, why do the lions bite people on the head during the lion dance performance?

    Question Image

    Blessing people with strong will and virtue to do good things

    Giving people a free head scratch

    Bringing people good fortune and scare away bad spirits.

    Reminding people the dangers of wild cats.

  • Q15

    Elaine is a domestic worker. She pulled her back during lion dance rehearsal on Sunday.

    Is it rue or False? She is eligible to claim employee compensation.

    Question Image
    True or False

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