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Chinese New Year: A Closer Look

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Which Chinese zodiac animal represents 2018?
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  • Q2
    The Chinese take pride in the food they eat, especially during Chinese New Year celebrations. Match these traditional Chinese foods with the correct image.
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  • Q3
    Every household will have wine on the table for the New Year's Eve reunion dinner. Is it true that every member of the family will have at least a sip?
    True or False
  • Q4
    Noodles are traditionally eaten as part of the New Year's Eve reunion dinner and can be eaten with various meats and/or vegetables. Match these meats with their symbolic meaning.
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  • Q5
    What is the most important rule to follow during a Chinese New Year's Eve dinner?
    No laughing, jokes, crying or shouting
    No arguments, crying, bickering or fights
    Only over 18s must drink wine
    No elbows on the table
  • Q6
    Paper cutting (or "window flowers") are prominent during the Spring Festival. How do Chinese people stick these beautiful works on their windows?
    Question Image
    xanthan gum
    sticky rice glue
    natural tree sap
    icing sugar
  • Q7
    There are strict requirements for what Chinese people must wear for Chinese New Year celebrations.
    True or False
  • Q8
    The Chinese New Year Gala is a new tradition for the Spring Festival. What is the Chinese New Year Gala?
    A swimming competition between the men of every household
    An exhibition held in Beijing where vendors exhibit high-quality traditional Chinese cuisine
    A televised dance competition between certain members of each province
    A televised variety show broadcasted by China Central Television
  • Q9
    Why are children given red packets of money (or 红包 (hóng bāo)) for the Chinese New Year?S
    To wish the child good luck in their exams and encourage hard work throughout the year
    For children to save each year and eventually pass onto their children
    To pass on a year of good fortune and blessing
    For children to spend on traditional Chinese sweets
  • Q10
    What do Chinese people do before the Chinese New Year which signifies removing the old and welcoming the new?
    Fasting for 40 days
    Throw away old clothes and buy new ones
    Thoroughly clean their house and furniture
    Burning a sacred family candle

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